however,After Li Ming intervened,This thing is crooked。

“Amitabha,Good,How did the Buddha bestow such a method!Could it be a test of my desire for Buddha?”Jiang Liuer closed his eyes tightly,Can’t resist looking at the tiger demon corpse underneath。
Before leaving Chang’an,He saw the Buddha in a dream,Buddha bestows a treasure。
Travel to Gongzhou today,Just about to rest for a while,But met a full six feet long,The white tiger demon who travels on his own,It seems that there is still blood。Although there are Buddha treasures,Jiang Liu’er has no life worry for a while,But his power is limited。
I don’t want to kill,But used it in a hurry‘Buddha’Bestowed method。
Then Jiang Liuer only saw the blood-red princess,Killed the tiger demon instantly,And swallowed all the blood and soul of the tiger demon。
That’s a bloody,A cruel,A dangerous。
This is not a spell that monks should use!
“Guilt,The poor monk decided not to use this secret technique anymore!”
“After entering the poor monks, they still have to sincerely bow to the Buddha,Chant three hundred times for this tiger demon,Resolve his grievances。”
Great Leiyin Temple,Tathagata Buddha opened his eyes,There is a trace of helplessness hidden in my eyes。
His two disciples,Before being reincarnated,After being reincarnated, it was too pedantic。
of course,He won’t blame his disciple,Blame or blame。。
“Candleronus,I’m not too particular about it!Nothing more,He has nothing to do with,Can’t offend him!”Tathagata Buddha is a little helpless。
A buddha light shoots out from fingertips,Across the chaotic world of Pangu,An invisible force seeps into the soul of Jiang Liuer,Soothed Jiang Liuer’s soul。
Then with his supreme illusion,Guide Jiang Liuer to the foot of Wuxing Mountain,Release the god monkey from the sky-filling stone!