The lights are on in Zhao Hong’s house,It seems she hasn’t slept yet,Xia Jian touched it gently,When I was about to crawl through the door and look inside,The door was suddenly opened,Xia Jian didn’t stop,People fell into the house。

Zhao Hong covering her mouth,Laugh softly:“See how stupid you are,Still want to peek”Woman talking,So I closed the door,And also locked from inside。
Xia Jian got up from the ground,Pretend to be angry:“What’s so good,I haven’t seen it”Although Xia Jian said that,But his eyes still slid around Zhao Hong’s body。
A light red silk pajamas,Long hair like a waterfall,Looking at her fascinating figure that is convex and curled,Xia Jian can’t control herself anymore。
“How did you come out?”Zhao Hong asked in a low voice,Ass twist,So he sat beside Xia Jian,Xia Jianyi reaches out,He hugged Zhao Hong’s***。
at this time,Saying everything is a bit redundant,But Xia Jian tried his best to calm himself down and said:“Bai Ruyu helped,I don’t know who she is looking for”
Zhao Hongyi listen,Pushed Xia Jian away,Raised the voice:“sure!The mayor’s secretary is dispatched”
This woman said she changed her face,Xia Jian is used to it now,He hurriedly bypassed the topic and asked:“How is the situation in the hospital?Do you need surgery?”
“No,Today we also found the chief doctor,She said that these people have similar injuries,Have two fractures,Already pinched,Observe and treat for a week,Should be discharged,leftover,Can be discharged in three days”Zhao Hong said,Kicked off the shoe,Ready to go to kang。
See you Xia Jian,Pounced like a hungry wolf,Slap,The lights in the house are off,But the battle has just started。
With beautiful women,Sleeping this night is so sweet,Suddenly the ringing of the mobile phone pulled Xia Jian back from his sleep,He opened his eyes and took a look,It’s bright,Shining light came in through the crack of the door。
The weird thing is,Zhao Hong beside,Sleeping still beautiful,There is still a happy smile on his face,Xia Jian hurriedly got up,Took out the phone from the pocket of his clothes。
Answer the phone this time,Duosha scenery,I wanted to hang up,But my hand shivered,Xia Jian actually connected the phone,A familiar voice came over immediately:“Hey!What are you busy,So slow to answer the phone”Ouyang Hong said impatiently on the phone。