“Ha ha,Mr. Lee praised。”Xie Dabao is anxious,Look uglier than crying。

“unfortunately,My heart is rotten。”Li Tianchou bit off half a mountain peach in one bite,“You have to test a word?”
“Enough?This time the master,If you have something, just say it。”Peng Weihua ignored Fu De’s wink at the side,I couldn’t help but spread the words。
“Oh?Quick boss,happy!”Li Tianchou stroked his palm and laughed,“Since the word is untested,I think the boss is big,Whatever you like?”
Rejoice?Peng Weihua’s first reaction was to donate some money,I’ll have to say no?As for being so nervous??If you didn’t pretend to be upright,With your identity and influence as a family,Everyone will get you together,Also get a director Dangdang,Delicious and spicy,There are people waiting,Why must it be so?
But he saw Zhu Lei’s face,He immediately realized something was wrong,Froze on the spot,I don’t know how to reply for a while。
Chapter five hundred and forty six Conscience debt
“Neither test,Not rejoicing,It seems this trip is here for nothing。”Li Tianchou sighed,Slowly took out a few pieces of paper from his arms,“It’s okay to pay for the essentials?”
Zhu Lei’s eyes widened,It’s hard to imagine that the formerly jealous and hateful head family now has become so sophisticated and routine,But he knows that the next scene is the real trouble,I’m worried that Peng Weihua can’t take it。Instead of,It’s better to be happy,It is better to use a knife and a gun than to cut meat with such a dull knife。
An Huaixiang’s gloomy eyes are still staring at Li Tian.,Knife-like eyes like to kill,But it’s completely ignored by the other party as air。And Xie Dabao sat like a needle,Rubbing her butt back from time to time,As if this way, the chair can be moved as far back as possible。
But Fu De can’t stand such a weird aura at all,I want to get up several times and leave,Both were frightened by Li Tianzhen’s gaze that swept over intentionally or unintentionally,Sweating profusely for a while and sad。
“Hahaha,Haha。”Stubborn,In fact, Peng Weihua, who was extremely embarrassed, suddenly laughed,It seems the only way to relieve some pressure,He confided,Staring at Li Tianzhi with a grim face,“To account?tell me the story,My good apprentice。”
“That is natural。”Li Tianzhen nodded seriously,Turn over the first page,“Want me to read it to you,Let’s see for yourself?”
“up to you。”Peng Weihua’s mouth is suddenly dry,Reach out and grab the tea cup on the table,Drink up,Look at Li Tianzhen’s still inquiring eyes,So I also made a ruthless,“I can sit down,Positive,Not afraid of people chewing tongue,Read it。”
“Cough,Headed。”Zhu Lei finally couldn’t help but interrupt,Mind knows such a showdown,I’m afraid it’s hard to clean up,“Why don’t we speak with our own brother?”
Li Tianzhen did not answer,Just turned his head and gave him a cold look,But his eyes are as sharp as thunder,So old Zhu Ji Lingling fought a cold war,I can’t say the rest。
“Three items in the total bill。”When you turn your head again,Li Tianzhi cleared his throat like a okay person,“One,Ingeniously,Strong buy and sell,Chase away Boss Zhang from Tianxinqiao,A debt of conscience;two,Injustice,Brotherhood,Collusion with bandits to steal shares of Qi Baozhu Company,Two Conscience Debts;three,Without respect,Ambition……”
“enough!”Peng Weihua can’t listen anymore,With a snap, the teacup in his hand was severely pinched to the ground,Staring red eyes,Pointing at Li Tianzhi,“It’s enough!You are so special,Jing is here to talk nonsense,Did you take me as a master in your eyes??what?!Said Lao Tzu took a trick,Brotherhood,Do you have evidence?Some kind of show up for everyone to see?”