“Ava,Do you guess Louis XI feels6One bullet can’t solve the opponent alone?”

“It depends on who the other party is,The opponent’sIDbutBOF.XTian,But I personally think,Throw away the sniper rifle,Give up the vantage point of the commanding heights,Not a good choice。”
Prelude-newborn Chapter Four Weird Wizard
“I feel,I might have said the wrong thing again!Louis eleven is a lunatic,Look everyone!He has no guns in his hands,Without weapons, is he going to use love to influence the members of the Firebirds??”
“From the screen,We did not see the weapons of Louis XI,But it does not rule out that there are pistols and tactical daggers。”
“You also said,To seeIDOf!He doesn’t want to face it with a pistolWSTGThe killer of the Grand Prix?The only cable car to the top of Frost Peak has been damaged,There is no other way back to the signal station,Time is left4More than minutes,Not enough to return to the farm,He should have given up……”
“Do not,You think he didn’t give up,Discard body armor and helmet before,Then throw away the sniper rifle,His purpose is to reduce the load to the greatest extent!This scene in front of you,I explained100For the first time in the rest of the game,Louis XI actually curled up,Wrap yourself in a snowball,Just rolled down from the top of the mountain,This snowball is getting bigger and bigger,But the goal is obvious,Is exactly the direction of the signal station!”
“Gosh!Why can he make‘Head curled up’This non-existent action command?!Could it be caused by2Action instructions?A head holding?A toad squat?Action interaction commands are usually used as chat emoticons,Unexpectedly, it can be used in actual combat,He took advantage of the slope of Shuangfeng Mountain,The plan is correct。”
“I guess,I found this detail,Louis XI’s backpack bar is not empty,In addition to the pistol, there is one thing that fills the entire backpack space——Snowball!”
“exactly!I figured it out,The snowball we picked up on the map in the snowy days,As a mini game,Even if thrown at people, it will not cause damage to blood volume。But there is a little easter egg,When the backpack is full of snowballs to a certain percentage,The character in the game will passively make a frozen motion for one second!Louis eleven also used the head-holding and toad squat instructions in this second.,Three actions combined,Plus map mechanism,Can burst out such power?!I think this scene must have been seen by fans of Guns of Glory around the world,This action may become popular with this game。”
“As expected of Xu Tian,ZType breakthrough,Grab the first station!But Louis XI used his own·Snowball Summoning Instant Transfer Technique,Probably not spent from the top of the mountain50Roll down in seconds,Completed an impossible task,But it’s still slower than Xu Tian25Pit stop,If we set Xu Tian to install the bomb when15second,Then less than10Time in seconds,Is the decisive moment of this game!”
“Dong dong dong——Boom!”
“Huge snowball hits outside the signal station wall,Louis XI’s landing was not too stable,He was thrown against the wall by a huge impact,We saw that most of his blood tank was cleared instantly!”
“To be exact, the remaining Louis XIHPfor7,This is a cruel test for him,Means hardly any harm,No fault tolerance!”
“Still Xu Tian,As the star of the arena,Know all the routes,The action is really done in one go,A few seconds faster than the average player,but……”
“what is this?Contestant Xu Tian has a picture in front of his eyes that he doesn’t know is crying or laughing‘Grimaces’,He took off‘Grimaces’Throw aside,But didn’t install the bomb!”
“We see Xu Tian constantly trying,But the blasting point of the signal station is full of tables, chairs, benches and graffiti ads,Xu Tian could not accurately select the blasting point to install the bomb!”