Zheng Weiwei looks at her brother like an idiot ,I really don’t know such a moment,Especially in front of the girl he likes,How did he ask such mentally retarded words。

Zheng Ziling’s brows cocked,I don’t know how to explain to my sister that two fists are hard to beat four hands,But notice the look in Zheng Weiwei’s eyes,Zheng Ziling also gave up the idea of trying to explain。
Made a gesture to the distance,Before long, a small-scale convoy appeared in front of everyone。
Someone sent Zheng Weiwei a trench coat。
“Sorry,I think it’s not polite to talk to you in sweaty clothes。”
Zheng Weiwei explained,But what really embarrassed her was,Even this fool Zheng Ziling didn’t sweat,I sweated profusely after exercising for a while,It’s still a bit embarrassing in front of outsiders。
Put on a trench coat,Zheng Weiwei’s confidence has been restored。
“Xiangyang, you don’t have to be nervous,I saw that my brother is making no progress today。”
Can’t let the atmosphere be cold,But gave Zheng Ziling a few hints,This brat doesn’t seem to understand。
I heard that he did well when he was at home and wanted to hit someone,Why is it like a little sheep in front of me??Zheng Weiwei thought a little puzzled。
“It doesn’t matter if you like it or not,Just like being gentle and interesting,Three meals in four seasons do not have to be too rush,Maybe my stupid brother has a whole life to waste with you。”
After talking about Zheng Weiwei, she is ready to take Zheng Ziling away,The latter is reluctant,But in terms of momentum, there is no way to compete with my sister。
“Ms. Zheng is still single?”
When Zheng Ziling was forced to get in the car,Mo Mo’s voice seemed to let Zheng Ziling, who was in the desert, see the oasis。
The muscles on the face gradually stretch,Even if it can’t help,It’s good to be able to sustain vitality at least temporarily,Zheng Ziling found that he just wanted to watch Xiangyang for a while,Even though she might like the one called Lingyun more。
“Any questions?”
Zheng Wei smiled and looked at Mo Mo,She also feels a little awkward to be a single teacher,But his father’s standard scumbag theory,Zheng Weiwei can’t bear it,In the end, I can only do it myself。
So facing Momo’s question,Zheng Weiwei can only pretend to be calm。