CITIC Bank Chengdu Branch: CCB propaganda "grounding gas" built anti-fraud "firewall"

Since this year, in order to severely crack down on trafficking bank cards, telephone card illegal crimes, in-depth promotion of "I do practical things for the masses", CITIC Bank Chengdu Branch launched "Guarantee Payment Safety, Prevent Telecommunications Fraud" series of publicity activities.

During the event, 37 business networks in the jurisdiction responded positively, and through playing publicity slogans, launching publicity materials, multi-channel publicity.

At the same time, CITIC Bank Chengdu Branch’s business outlets sent people to visit enterprises and communities, explain fraud cases and preventive measures to enterprise employees and community residents; inviting people to participate in financial knowledge on-site answers, let the masses further consolidate anti-fraud knowledge during the answer Scam consciousness, effectively protect customer personal information and economic property safety.

The CITIC Bank Chengdu Branch copies about 12,200 publicity foldings.

The event has effectively widened financial knowledge to the masses, enhances the awareness of the crowd flavor of the masses, providing a strong means to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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