“Then if you have a chance to kill him opposite??”Chu Deirers will assume that the most tangled direction。

“This……”Guo Jing is also a real person,Really think of it,No answer now。
Chu Deiren saw him not talking、Tangled,So I looked at Yang Kang Road:“If I am your words,Even if you don’t kill him,Will not continue to face with him,Otherwise, your mother is in the spirit of Tianzhi.,Will not look。If there is one day……Guo Jing、Or other hero,Can kill him,You will enter it again、Keep your filial piety is!
certainly,Wu Sangui is alive,Mechanic dog horse’s Pingxi Wang Shizi is easy,But wait for Wu Sangui to die.,It’s hard to keep a filial piety for a traitor.,I don’t know if you are willing to do it.……”
Chapter 324 Fast forward“history”
People who are not high for a moral level,Forced to ask him to be a morality,Not only unrealistic,And it will also push him completely to the opposite side.……
Chu Deiren naturally does not commit the same educational method as the hill!
certainly,The intention of the Chu Deirers,Nor“educate”Yang Kang,Just want to take advantage of his special identity,One is fake to complete the mission of Ming Wushu、One side can make him act as internal,Master Wu Sangui’s plan、Especially in the case of the people who want to cooperate with Wu Sangui in Lin’an.。
I want to use Yang Kang to do it.,It must first make him from the heart.——Helping Wu Sangui is wrong。
For Yang Kang,Just“wrong”,I can’t constrain him,After all, he is not Guo Jing.、“wrong”Things will never do,There is also the most important step——At least let him feel,Internal should,His personal interests,Not very damaged!
Sugar proposed suggestion,Not only giving Yang Kang, not only,And it is still very high.“For Wu Sangui into the filial piety”Difficulty and noble,Making Yang Kang can be satisfied in the feelings……
“Thank you, uncle’s guidance.,Popularity Yang Kang!”Yang Kang gods firmly。
certainly,his“firm”Look, just,The most important thing is“Obstacle”。
But at least now Chu Deirers feel,As long as it is not“Benefit”Very large deviation,Yang Kang should not take the initiative to think about the thief——If the gap between the benefits is too large,Then there is a possibility that there is a rebellion.。
Academic,Yang Kang“Compliance”Extremely low attribute……
“I will kill him.!After that, I will give him a life.!”Guo Jing suddenly said。
Yang Kang booked to see this reaction to take a few shots……
Guo Jing,Faceless:“But I can also understand the difficulties of Yang Brothers.,I don’t forced you.。”
“You go see your master,There are many ponds in Zhuangzhong,Don’t get in。”Chu Deirers。
“what?My master is not……”Guo Jingnan,I don’t accept the meaning of Chu Deirers.。
“I want to teach Yang Kang‘Jiuyin god claw’,Do you have to watch??”Chu Debans stand face。
“Will not,How can I steal?!Yang brother,Then you must learn,Otherwise, your Master will interrupt your hand.。”Guo Jing passed Yang Kang,I will leave first.。
certainly,Chu Dee people don’t care“Jiuyin god claw”Whether,Just want to support him……
Yang Kang obviously also understands the meaning of Chu people,After Guo Jing left,Take the initiative to say to the Chu Deirers:“Uncleus,Wu……Wu Sanui let me go to Song,It is for the sake of seeking to see the slaughter,If you are‘Qing dynasty secrets into Beijing,Please ask the brothers’,Tough bore。”
“Secret?Brothers?”Chu Deirers heard a sentence,After watching it left and right,I want to call Huang Rong.。
Where is the Qing court??
Kangxi is coming,Commit“Secret”NS?Please also ask the brothers.……What is the purpose?
“Wu Sangui……Said that the emperor wants to take the opportunity,At the same time,No money in the Song country。”Yang Kang is still not used to call directly“Wu Sangui”。
“kindness。”Chu Deirers a deep moonlight,After some point,I also inquire about Yang Kang’s recent situation in the Qing court.,Remember after you,I really teach him.“Jiuyin god claw”,And the corresponding part of the internal strength。
Just“Jiuyin god claw”,In fact, the Chu Deirers have no greatness to see,The reason why it is not taught《Jiuyin Zhenjing》,Mainly, it is still not assured to Yang Kang.。
Finally, the Chu Deirers didn’t forget to sigh a sentence.:“After all, he raised you for seventeen years.,What is your name?,Just not let you help、Interesting boundary,Not letting you six pro do not recognize。”
“Xie Shi Uncle。”Yang Kang heard the voice。
Chu Deirers also notice,Yang Kang is very discomfort,Really high standards,Will only help him“Go back”heart of。
Instead of Chu Deirens put the standards,Yang Kang can take advantage of it and gradually and gradually……
After Yang Kang, he worked hard.,Chu Deirers quickly went to Huang Rong,Put Yang Kang and said,Also said Huang Rong,Ask her to pay for the staff。
Did not let Chu Deirers disappointed,Huang Rong Siyi,Although there is still unclear,But I have already wanted to have the relationship between it.!
“I see!It is the Qing court in the name,Swing……Earlier, the Qing Tin is just driving,There are still‘high’、‘chapter’Dispute,Finally, I worshiped a party.,At this time, he has begun to serve the minister.。
Now Kangxi’s rejection‘Brothers’,Also send secret,I want to come, nothing more than legacy,And since it is homing to do it……I am afraid that there is a big change within the Qing court.!Although Wu Sangui is a Manchu,But after all, it is not in the center.,I am afraid that it is not very clear.!”Huang Rong has spurred the core of this matter。
The rivers and lakes of the rivers are very subtle,Make Chu Deirers have a familiarity,Unfamiliar、“Fast forward”Obvious。