Wait for everyone to finish breakfast and go to work,Liu Ying left the kitchen to Tian Wa。When Tian Wa was with the team,Used to help a kitchen for two months。So this thing in the kitchen,He can still play。

Everything is ready,When they set off,It’s already over eight o’clock。Yao Chunni sitting in the car,Laugh for a while,Cry for a while,Wishing to grow wings and fly over。It made Liu Ying wipe her tears with Yao Chunni,It’s not good to see that the king has wealth。
More than ten o’clock,The car has arrived at Yulan Village, Guanzi Town。So as not to cause unnecessary trouble,Wang Youcai asked Liu Ying and Yao Chunni to hold the baby,He sits in the car and waits。
People are always emotional,When Yao Chunni was here,So I prepared a lot of gifts for Li Lanxiang,When getting off,Wang Youcai gave Yao Chunni another two thousand yuan,Means for Li Lanxiang。Anyway,She has been taking care of her for so long。
“Remember,Submit the child’s birth certificate”Wang Youcai told Liu Ying again。
Liu Ying and Yao Chunni left,Wang Youcai lay in the car and closed his eyes,He was thinking,Liu Ying and Yao Chunni went to hug the baby,It won’t go so smoothly。After all, all of Li Lanxiang’s natal brothers are the masters who see money。
But what Wang Youcai didn’t expect was,About half an hour,I heard the cry of a child at the entrance of the village。He hurriedly opened the car door and jumped down。
I saw Yao Chunni holding a child in her arms,I saw the child struggling desperately in Yao Chunni’s arms,Listen to that cry,Really sad。
Liu Ying is here to help,The two of them got the kid in the car with great difficulty。
As soon as this little guy got in the car,Use fists and feet,Yao Chunni couldn’t get close at all。
“Stop noisy,Throw it away”Wang Youcai started the car,Yelled。The child was frightened by Wang Youcai’s yelling。
The little guy put his head on the car door a little wronged,Crying,I keep calling grandma。slowly,Crying less,He was crying and fell asleep。
Yao Chunni pulled him over and hugged him。Wang Youcai couldn’t help but glanced back,This is his son,But this kid has followed Yao Chunni,Looks very nice。
“Hey!This guy,Really follow you,Not afraid of heaven,Not afraid of。We almost can’t bring it out”Liu Ying suddenly took a breath and said。
Wang Youcai drove the car,Asked in a low voice:“Everything goes well!I didn’t expect you to be so fast?”
“Hey!Li Lanxiang is gone,No one takes the child。We go,Li Lanxiang’s family is happy,I can’t wait for us to take the baby right away”Liu Ying said,Helplessly shook his head。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“This is the human world。So much money was embezzled by them,They can do it too”