Zhu Minglang glanced at the side,A team of patrol members consisting of 20 young men and women was found,The young man in the animal fur hat who interrogated at the gate before was also there。

“These mourning dragons,Really scary。”Zhu Minglang said。
obviously,These people in the first village of Lihuagou don’t know that the Sanglong is right in front of them.。
And every day when dawn breaks,Will send a team to patrol the cliffs near the stockade,Sanglong seems to have mastered the patrol rules of their stockade,Just intend to ambush this team。
Unfortunately,I wish Minglang and his party visit when night falls……
What makes you think about it,These mourning dragons did not attack when a pedestrian passed by,They obviously realize that there are a lot of high-level cultivation in this team,If you take a sneak attack, you may be killed by all。
The moment they choose the wooden door to open,Appears when only one or two people are left outside,The goal is very clear,Is to kill the last one in the team!
Such meticulous thoughts,Such a skilled hunting cooperation,More terrible than some well-trained killers!
Even some innocent minds、Inexperienced human,Look a little stupid in front of their wisdom。
“Sanglong is a natural catcher,They were born to kill,According to the statement from the Holy See,Sanglong used to be a dragon serving the god of death,The blood of slaughter flows in their bones,Most other creatures are born in the world to survive,For evolution,For reproduction,And sanglong just to kill,Any living thing is prey in their eyes,Even if we die together,They will pounce on without hesitation。”Said the middle-aged uncle with folds。
Including humans,The first instinct is survival。
The first instinct of the lost dragon is to kill。
How can this kind of dragon not let all souls in this world be frightened?,No wonder the people in Runyu City sighed when they heard of the Dragon,Exuding deep fear。
Zhu Minglang has experienced it firsthand。
To kill themselves,No compromise。