The more beautiful a woman is, the harder it is to enjoy sex

The more beautiful a woman is, the harder it is to enjoy sex

I. Passive marriage: In the real life where rights and material are higher than love, pretty women are either pursuing power or craving for glory, voluntarily or involuntarily marrying people they do not like.

Insufficient sexual life during the honeymoon may be harmonious due to physiological needs, but the shift of time shifts, sexual life is often affected or influenced by power and money.

Marriage without love, gradually awaken these women, re-understand the dignity of self and women, under the transfer of unbearable and must tolerate this passive marriage, leading to psychological imbalance in the contradiction between physical needs and love needs, making sexualPsychological imbalances also appear.

  Second, sexual harassment: beauty is common to all people, beautiful women are easy to be the target of male chasing, some people with bad thinking and moral corruption, see beautiful women like crazy bees and butterflies, excessive harassment on them,They will have a vigilant attitude towards men. Even if they have sex with her favorite husband, they may have sexual unbalance due to subconscious suddenness.

Moreover, the chances of beautiful women being sexually raped worsen. Once “lost” or humiliated, the injured heart is difficult to heal, and the guilt that is suppressed in the heart is often fully reflected in sexual life.

The sexual apathy caused by these situations often causes the husband to feel inexplicable, which causes suspicion and depression, which in turn deepens the sexual apathy of women.

  Third, fear of pregnancy, pregnancy: Although good shape is cherished by beautiful women, pregnancy, fertility changes caused by body shape is an alternative fact.

Because of her particular fear of pregnancy, she was nervous about her sexual life. She often avoided taboos and often caused them to detune in sex.

Especially those women who have become pregnant due to the failure of contraception and take precautionary measures will have a fear of pregnancy for a long period of time, and therefore emotional fluctuations in sexual life, which will greatly affect the quality of sexual life.

  Fourth, fear of damage to the face: fatigue after sex, and some kind of prejudice against sex, make them have a fear of whether sexual life will affect their appearance.

They will think that the labor in sex life and the fatigue after sex life are the same as the physical beauty affecting the beauty, so they should restrain their sex life.

In fact, normal sexual life, instead of increasing skin wrinkles, will promote female estrogen secretion, increase skin elasticity and maintain beauty.

The pleasure brought by normal sex life, the change of psychology is maintained in a good state, and women with harmonious family and harmonious sex life are often not prone to aging.

  Fifth, sexual expectations are too high: beautiful women are often complimented and easily accepted by others.

Therefore, they usually do things smoothly, have higher expectations for various things, and get better results.

Even if Ruyi Langjun is found, her husband is more concerned about her. However, due to the special nature of sex and many unpredictable problems, such as the other party’s entertainment, work fatigue, poor constitution, mood swings, illness, etc.Sometimes it is difficult to meet the requirements of women in sex.

A certain failure of sexual life led to these women not only from the perspective of paying attention to each other, but on the same material and spiritual life requirements, all with high standards, thus feeling aggrieved.

  This psychological accumulation of emotions, although it won’t affect the couple’s feelings very quickly, will plant the root of future sexual mismatches.

The higher the sexual expectation value, the more prone to sexual apathy, especially when beautiful women are in good times.