The sight in the courtyard surprised Li Tianchou,Scattered parts and various tools,East piece,The black motor oil of Xiyitan,And broken wires、Welding gun,Like a messy repair shop。A motorcycle rack is already standing there under the courtyard wall,He suddenly realized,Lao Hao is assembling a motorcycle by himself。It should be oily,Why are you so glamorous again??

“Look at this outfit of Lao Tzu?”Old Hao pulls Li Tianchou,Smug。
“Handsome。”Li Tianchou was insincere。
“grass,Know the goods。”Old Hao nodded with satisfaction,“Is there anything else?”
“Still handsome!”Li Tianchou is sure。
“Nima’s,I know you can’t make any other words。”Lao Hao scolded,But I feel happy,Reached out from my pants pocket and took out a note,“Write all you want on it,I’m doing something awesome?”
“Awesome!”Li Tianchou took the note and opened it,Can’t help but be in full bloom,I glanced quickly and put it in my pocket。“Thanks uncle,You motorcycle……”
“Not done yet,It’s almost the same in two days。I rode him to Japan Zhang Zhiqiang。My grass,It should be very cool?”Lao Hao looked at the motorcycle shelf happily,He didn’t hide from Li Tianchou at all。
But Li Tianchou’s eyes went black after listening,Feel something is in trouble。I didn’t know much about Lao Hao before,I blindly informed Uncle Hai’s news,Actually selfish。But now I realized that I was wrong,Uncle Hao is not only a strain,And the mind is not working,If this really lets him go,Something big must happen。
“uncle,Smoke a cigarette。”Li Tianchou has words in his mind,Took out a cigarette。
Old Hao took the cigarette,Two broken benches were picked up in the yard,The two sat on it。
“uncle,Your craftsmanship is not bad。”Li Tianchou has nothing to say。
“grass,I don’t want to think about what I did before。”Old Hao spit out smoke rings,Seem more proud。
“I must fix the car,Either make a car。”Li Tianchou guess。