but,This is not a one-on-one confrontation!

Before the Excalibur stabbed Wright’s head,A curtain of light stopped before this sword。
Hundreds of meters away,Ungar controlled the Light Excalibur with one hand to chase and kill Patriarch Hal。The other hand is free,Directly stopped the sword of Patriarch Bud。
Wright’s earth space is acting on his upper body,Flew out at an angle,The pale golden divine power expels the aura of destruction at the cut,At the same time, both eyes watched the collision of the two palace masters’ peak and powerful moves。
More than ten meters behind him,A bright,A destruction,Two powerful forces collide with each other。
Patriarch Bud’s sword is still a straight piercing,The aura of destruction seems completely restrained,Directly penetrated that light curtain。
But the light curtain is more than just one layer,This magical light curtain layered on top of each other,After piercing a layer,The divine power of this layer quickly condenses on the back of the light curtain。
Layers of light curtains circulate each other,At the same time, each layer of light curtain also complies with【The Wave of Light】,Forces entangled with each other。
It’s as if a piece of paper can only support a dozen kilograms of strength,But if you cut and fold this paper,Can fully support a hundred kilos of force。And this paper is in Unger’s hands,Can also be used in a round-trip cycle!
Although there are only five light curtains in total,But under Patriarch Bard’s full blow,But resisted half a breath。
Half a breath,Ordinary mortals can only smash their eyes,But the two palace master-level upper gods are enough to fight hundreds of moves。same,This world is also enough to make a powerful soul with a mutation instantly realize。
After half a breath,East broke free from the blockade,Turn around with a knife, mixed with soul attacks,Cut to Unger。
Unger sighed,Retracted the right hand,Turned into a light curtain and stopped East。
Patriarch Bud’s destruction stabbed out。
“Roundness of water,Or it’s a perfect harmony,Shangshan is like water,Can be melted into all things and embrace all things。”
“Burst of fire,As if endless heat is hidden,Heat and force,There was a terrible explosion in an instant!”
“Power of the earth,Earth and Virtue,Rushanlan’s weight,Like the earth,Life with all things。”