“Turned out to be like this。”

Chen Xiu was thinking:“He Rongsheng is really not a kind person,Old friends for decades,Lin Han immediately took other people’s property under his own.。”
“This cruise ship is docked on the high seas most of the time,So it doesn’t touch China’s laws。Thus,When the magic city and the rich people in the nearby coastal areas want to play a few hands,It’s more convenient than going to Australia Island。The business here is already trying to catch up with the Lisboa Casino on the Australian Island。”
Ou Sheng introduced to play,To the manager:“To change a million chips。”
This manager is also very good at coming,Ou Sheng said to change a million chips,He has prepared two million chips,Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng have one million each。
Chen Xiu didn’t think so,Thinking:“Anyway, it’s also signing,I used to feel embarrassed to take the money like this。But He Rongsheng himself is not kind,I don’t pay him back。”
O Sheng is in a bad mood because of Ou Jianhua,Gambling luck is also bad,Bet on dice,Buy small and open big,You can buy a leopard,It made the gamblers treat her as a beacon。
Whenever Osheng buys the big one, they buy the small one,Buy the big one,Ou Sheng lost more than one million in a single moment;The casino also lost more than one billion yuan。
Had it not been for the person in charge of the gambling boat to know Osheng,I’m probably going to drive her away。
“Keep playing mine!”
Chen Xiu gave Ou Sheng his one million,He is not afraid of Osheng losing everything,Anyway, He Rongsheng is not going to pay back this million chips。
“Endless dice,Go play roulette!”
Osheng changed the battlefield,The gamblers in the entire gambling hall also changed the battlefield,Such a good beacon,They don’t want to let it go。
Roulette is very simple to play,So simple that children can understand。
There are various grids on the turntable,The color on the grid、Different labels,One method of betting,Single, double, red, black, big, small, early, mid, late, first-line, second-line, third-line, three-sided,four sides,Five sides and so on,Each bet has different odds。
This is similar to dice,The difference is that there is a lid to cover the dice,Can’t see the dice jumping inside。Roulette can directly let you see which grid the beads fall on,Make people feel fair。