Xiao Fan knows that they are all people with ideals and accomplishments,And now they should be infinitely close to their ideals,Maybe it is best for each of them to gain happiness now。

Xiao Fan also hopes to see each of them get married,Be the happiest person in the world,Keep going as you wish。
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Eight Yiming Spring
Yiming silently retreated to the back,Then he pulled Chu Yao from the crowd,Actually some brothers have already seen,I just pretended to ignore it,Brother Yiming is kind to Chu Yao,They all see it in their eyes。
They don’t know,I just feel that these things shouldn’t be involved,Sometimes I joked secretly,Everyone laughs without talking,These brothers are in the mirror。
Chu Yao is still immersed in the happiness of Su Ran’s successful marriage proposal,He has a good relationship with Su Ran,inATwo people support each other when they are on the base。
Although Su Ran came here later,And above her,Is her leader,But Chu Yao did not envy or hate,I really admire Su Ran。
Although Chu Yao is usually cold,,But in front of Su Ran, they are all amiable,Because Su Ran can always influence him,Su Ran is also very gentle to her。
Two people are like old friends who hit it off,Many ideas and thoughts coincide,Sometimes a task is also a great cooperation。Xiao Fan dared toaHand over the base to Chu Yao for management,Just trust her as a person。
Even if it is ruthless in face,But Xiao Fan knew that Chu Yao had a piece of pure land in her heart.,She has the best heart in the world,So she can manage the base well。
Can also do the task Xiao Fan entrusted to him,Xiao Fan established this base,And trained a group of strong women。Just to make tasks more convenient。
Sometimes it’s easier for girls to do tasks than boys,Because it’s not easy to be suspicious,But Xiao Fan didn’t expect them to develop the base so well。
Now every girl is strong enough to protect herself。And because they are women,So they will maintain the safety and fairness of women,Even if Xiao Fan doesn’t tell them, they will do many things。
They want girls to get the respect they deserve,Should not be hurt,But it should be well protected,Is exactly the same,aThe base has done a lot of amazing things。
For example, an attempted rape case that has not been solved for many years,There are also cases of women being kidnapped,Trafficking case,all these areaBase record,But they didn’t leave a name in the hearts of the public。
Because they don’t want these titles,I just want to protect these girls silently behind me,These girls are the most innocent and romantic,Some of them have the best years,This beautiful world should not be broken by some dark corners of the world。
Actually, there are really no years,Every day there are people walking with weight,Those nice girls who live now,Part of it isaThese strong women at the base are well protected。