Close to get off work time,Most of my colleagues have finished their day’s work,Or go home and enjoy family happiness,Or make an appointment with a movie,Everyone has their own personal time plan。

Farewell to Sun Ke who is going to be with his wife and Zhan Peng who is going to be with his girlfriend,When looking back at the exhibit department,Zhang Pingfan’s heart is still a bit sad。
“This kid won’t hurt the spring and sad autumn again, right??”
Sun Ke’s voice came from the WeChat group chat。
“What else can he do besides this?Persuade him to find a girlfriend earlier, but he doesn’t care!”
Zhan Peng’s voice was also heard in the WeChat group chat。
&n “roll roll roll!You two,Old and old,Little scorn,If it wasn’t for me to sacrifice my time,Resist all the burdens of this duty,You now have a chance to go happy and happy?Two without conscience!”
Put the phone on the desk,Zhang Pingfan scolded with a smile。
“Ordinary, don’t say that,I just walked out a block now,If your kid is arrogant,Really dated a girl out,I’ll do it for you in this month’s class!”
“Count me in!Next month’s class,I come!Give your kid plenty of time to complete your family’s nine-generation single pass business!”
Sun Ke and Zhan Peng kept joking on the voice call,Zhang Pingfan simply turned on the automatic blocking mode by himself。
Sort out evidence,Then arrange them neatly according to the number。
WeChat group,Sun Ke and Zhan Peng are still discussing the dinner for three people,At the same time inevitable,At this time Zhang Pingfan will be ridiculed again。
Sigh softly,Zhang Pingfan sorts out information quietly,Obviously you cannot join the group chat at this time,Otherwise I will be urged to marry for another half an hour。
Thinking of my name,My whole life may be in line with the meaning of the father,Ordinary and not turbulent。
Thinking about when it can be like from the frontline staff,Lead the charge,Catch the criminal,Zhang Pingfan couldn’t help but his blood boiled。
suddenly,Zhang Pingfan felt as if something flashed before his eyes。