“Shencheng ban private fight,But don’t ban challenges。”
Wang Yuxin suddenly bowed to the past,Found the figure she wants to find。
At the same time,“Mad dog is a arrogant,And unpackable,Shenhai Chamber of Commerce once a flat opponent,Mad dog will unilaterally challenge the other party。”
Toned,Also,“If the other party is not accepted,He will not be dissatisfied with the soul,It’s not afraid that people are still repaired.,If there is a business,Will be stirred,Until to the direction of the gods,Or accept challenges。”
Summer also looked in。
Seeing Zhao Xiao Ming, watching the lively in the crowd。
She is in a purple clothes,Long hair is falling in the shoulder,The face is covered with a purple veil,Let her look mysterious and noble。
She also founded the eyes of summer and Wang Yuxin.,It’s just very casual.,Also focused on the field。
Summer and Wang Yuxin can be clear,That’s a glimpse,Is not a contemptuous and cool meaning。
as well as……Kill!Killing in summer!“It must be 小念 故意,Deliberately duel in front of our shop,She is giving us Mawei.……”Wang Yuxin is calm down,Some doubts in summer。
“If you want to pay,Not going to play the battlefield??”
Wang Yuxin is in the past,“do not you know,All the entire Shencheng can become a military field anywhere,It is a very high matrix method,Can form a junction……”Her voice has not fallen,The body-shaped and fat man roared。
“Mad dog!You deceived too much!good,Do you want to challenge?,I accepted!”
Speech,He is legs,Get up,At the same time, both hands pinch a weird mark。
at the same time,Mad dog is also pinch,Overturned。
During this period,A transparent junction is generated,Also followed by two people floating。
At the same time, it is expanded from all directions.。
Just instant,Holky 100 meters,Form a huge nunion of Million of Million。
Just like a buckled giant bowl,Twiring two people。
Under their feet,Similarly have a thick layer of junction,Align all the buildings below。
Summer eyes are strong,Tongue。
“Array……This array……”He has set off a stormy waves in his heart.。
Can become a military field anytime, anywhere,Doesn’t it mean such a big giant city?,Both paved a super big array?
Two people hands while pinching,Some are similar to a node of the wax method。
It’s too high.。
Summer dark guess,If it is a diagram,I am afraid that I have reached six products.。
There are countless people under the lower below.,One of them with excitement,Look at the lively is not too big。
Such a scene,Naturally attracting people from elsewhere,Many military doors come from different directions to this place。
Opposite to the street,The Wang Qing and the man are also alarmed.,I have walked outside,Look up。
“Ha ha,good,Very good。”
Wang Qing has no laughter,“Jealousy,Playing on small miscellaneous shops,Let him open it or stop……”At this time,Sima gather together,Lower sound channel,“City owner,We have arranged,Entrusted a Underground Chamber of Commerce,And some people have received the task。”
“Oh? So fast,who is it?”