I heard Zhou Qiaoqi promised,Ma Xiaoliang is a happy hate to jump directly.。

Soon, two people came to the medicine,When coming to the drug aware,He is stupid。
Because the medicine diet has already been lined up in front of the door,That is to say, I have to eat food, I am afraid it is not necessarily.。
Inversely, the opposite drunken,Auntly queue is less。
Zhou Qiaoqi also saw Horse Xiaoliang’s helplessness,I immediately laughed:“Would you like to go to the drunk fairy,I heard that it is also very good.,And still Net Red Hotel,Extremely red。”
I saw Zhou Qiaoxiao’s smile,Think of the commitment of yesterday’s live broadcast。
Ma Xiaoliang is also a sorry:“Sorry,I thought it would not be so many people.,That is grievable you,Let’s go to the drunk fairy.。”
“What is it??
Let it go,Going to drunk fairy Pavilion is also good。”
soon,Ma Xiaoliang entered the drunk fairy,I have to say that the atmosphere of the drunken Pavilion and the decoration style,The feeling that people who are in love with。
Especially if he told Zhou Qiansheng to have a theme package.,The theme of the package is romantic。
A into between,The feeling of people is very spacious,At the same time, there is a bit of angry。
The heart of the heart is directly in the center of the big restaurant。
The surroundings are also love balloons,There are also two sides of wallpaper and pink,The wall painted on the pink wallpaper is also the appearance of lovers kissing together.。
Don’t say anything else,Just see the mural of the kiss,It makes people an impulse。
“This environment is really good,Cotyl the aque house to be lost than the drug aware house.。”
Zhou Qiao Xia laughing:“Are you for the environment or for a meal??”
“Hey-hey,Can I say it for you??”
“Humph,I have to believe it.,However, this environment actually likes me.,I don’t know how to come up.,Taste is not suitable。”
It’s not long after Zhouqiao.,The romantic theme package has also begun.。
“Love foie,Romantic house,Lovebirds”A specialtics about love are also on the table.。
Ma Xiaoliang also started broadcasting。
Just started broadcasting and there is no fever,He is also directly eating together with Zhou Qianshen.,Also discuss some live questions。
“Anly,Who is chatting with??
How to listen to the sound is a beautiful woman?。”
“Yup,Let us take a look。”
“Did you find that the environment has changed??
Anniversate scene,I can’t stand it.。”
Ma Xiaoliang saw the bulk of live broadcast and laughed.。
“Must be a beauty,But love is not,I can’t see it.,But friends still have。”
Ma Xiaoliang said while looking at Zhou Qiaoxiai。
Zhou Qiaoqi also saw Ma Xiaoliang’s eyes。