Tiger-shaped monster furious,Suddenly the wings volleyed,The air current blasts under severe vibration,The invisible shock ripple immediately destroyed the graphics drawn by the little unicorn,Little unicorn retreats fast,You have to paint again if you turn the body,Although the tiger is huge,But extremely flexible and agile,Flop,Front paw,Wings come first,The bang actually shot the black unicorn flying away。

The other side,Three unicorn beasts are not going well,Are yelling again and again,Three consecutive attacks were avoided by this humble mortal in front of me,Can be so flexible after being seriously injured,Simply incredible,To know the triple hit,The unicorn beasts use different body methods,Especially the last blow,Space folding and space confinement,And only left the other’s leg。
This mortal is not only supernatural,And the means to save lives are endless,You can take out magic weapons,Where are so many treasures in the little mortal world?And this mortal has actually touched the rules of space,What surprised the unicorn beast the most,There is such a hard-hearted guy in the mortal world,I can’t hide it,Left one leg,Lost the car to protect the handsome,Gecko docking,I really can’t underestimate it。
The unicorn beast actually entangled with a man in black,Li Tianzhen’s lungs exploded,I had to release the three-eyed green toad to look after Shen Yingjie,He originally wanted to keep this beast as a back,In the hope of having unexpected effects,The current form of the crisis cannot tolerate him。
Three-eyed green toad’s supernatural powers are weak,But has a powerful means of killing,Li Tianzhen had been taught in the Demon Tower,It’s the flat eye above the toad’s big mouth,At first glance,It’s like another mouth on the big mouth,Actually very hidden,Once this eye is open,Will emit a powerful white light。
This light is extremely sharp,Not only can penetrate hard objects easily,And it can cut space,Don’t say ordinary magicians,Even the flesh of a demigod is hard to resist。Even if it is as strong as Zhang Zhiqiang’s escape technique,It doesn’t work at all in front of Three-eyed Toad,So it is also called the light of death,But this toad’s vitality is limited,It takes a long time to stun your eyes once,Can only be a surprise soldier,Now even this extravagant hope is gone。
The crisis on the octagonal stone platform is suspended,Even if Zhang Baogen was not killed,The soul has been eaten by the black unicorn,Almost like the living dead,Can no longer chant spells to raise the stone platform,But who knows what other moths will come out,The top priority is to destroy the black altar,Otherwise, there will be another demon,It’s over。
Green light flashes,Li Tianzhen flew towards the tiger,He has turned the golden dagger away,Sacrifice the natal magic leaf knife,What means should he keep in times of crisis,And the tiger is looking for a supernatural power to replace Zhang Baogen,Suddenly, he was shocked by a force of murder,Take a closer look,Tremble immediately,The pores all over my body are just as exploded,Too familiar,this is‘Blasting sword’!
How could such a murderous treasure be in the hands of a mortal?wrong,This person is not an extraordinary person,With magical powers,Has a very familiar taste,Why is the cultivation base so bad??Can’t tolerate it,The blade knife has spun,Buzzing,Sharp edge,Tiger flutters its wings,The body shape disappeared in place with a swish,Appeared next to the blood crow。
The blood crow just helped the white jade centipede to refine the abominable yin and yang skin,About to chase Jing Tailai,Suddenly the green leaf knife flew to,Immediately horrified,Black wings flick,Immediately, countless feathers turned into clusters of arrows and shot out,It has no time to control the white jade centipede,Not even thinking about the sinister intentions of the Tigers,Take advantage of the momentum and fly away。
Dense clusters of arrows hit the leaf knife,Make a bang,Instantly turned invisible,Ye Dao just paused,Then he buzzed to the tiger again,It seems that a goal will not change easily。
The tiger flapped its wings and disappeared from where it was,The next moment he appeared next to the blood crow,It never faces it alone‘Blasting sword’Courage,If it’s not for the limited cultivation of the kid who controls this knife,It believes that just now,I have moved my head,But even so,The tiger does not dare to neglect,Its best skill is the speed of space movement,A bit similar to Li Tianzhu’s‘Phantom kill’,But it has a high level of cultivation,Much faster than Li Tianzhu,And the continuous movement doesn’t cost much energy,A pair of space wings。
I thought the leaf knife would strike again,Both the Blood Raven and the Tiger have calculated the direction to flee in the next moment,Unexpectedly, the white jade centipede is unlucky,Although this thing possesses all kinds of magical powers,The partial speed is the worst,I was tossed by the yin and yang skin for a long time,In a trance,Hit another four weeks‘Tianzhenwei’Sword,Furiously, I don’t know why the two Taoist friends flew away and left,I saw a turquoise brilliance and suddenly arrived in front of me,
A silent heart,The head of the white jade centipede was flying into the air while still reacting,Looking at the hall below and his huge body in surprise,Suddenly let out a scream,The primordial crystal nucleus in the brain came out,Swish to the far end。
The crystal nucleus is the essence of the life form of the white jade centipede,If there is a physical body,It can still be reborn,It’s just that the cultivation level will drop a lot,The leaf knife will not let it go,Whistling and starting to kill。
“Kill that kid!”The blood crow is the most calm and intelligent of the three big monsters,Immediately noticed the key to the matter,Control‘Blasting sword’Not so easy,Must have strong mental power,Still concentrate on,If not for leaf knife,Li Tianzhu’s own cultivation is not worth seeing in their eyes,But this kid is still ready to jump on the stone platform,I’m afraid it will be bad for the altar。
The Tiger also reacted,Pounce on Li Tianzhi with a scream,Suddenly a black shadow rushed into the air,But it’s that little black unicorn,It was slapped by a tiger paw and gasped for a long time,I’m looking for tiger desperately,Whoosh is another black shadow,But have bypassed the tiger,Go straight to Li Tianzhen,It’s the blood crow,In terms of speed, it is faster than the tiger.,Come first。
On the other side, the three unicorn beasts who had just subdued the black-clothed man finally released their eyes.,Still wondering why I didn’t kill the ant in front of me immediately,Suddenly I saw the blood crow flying towards Li Tianzhu like a cloud of fire,Hair straightened up immediately,I can’t even think about it,The most mysterious of the three heads is aimed at the blood crow,No facial features,The smooth, mirror-like face burst out with a bronze halo,The halo contains invisible sound waves that can destroy everything,Rippling away quickly,Bang,The soul of the blood crow instantly turned into a rain of blood。
Chapter seven hundred and seventy one Demon Lord
Although this horrible ripple is transparent and invisible,But wherever it goes,Everything blocking the front is shattered,The ripples overflow in circles,The scope is getting bigger and bigger,Bang,Even the second floor of the underground palace hall was blasted out of a large crescent-shaped hole,Then collapsed a small half circle,The Blood Raven was the first big monster to be completely killed,Except for the blood in one place,Nothing left,The natal crystal core has long since turned into nothingness。