Seeing the other party is about to jump over the wall and escape,In person, Chen Xiu shot the peach nails as a hidden weapon,Directly hit the zombie’s right leg,Brave a pungent smoke。
“I fight you!”
Zombies are furious,Waved and cut off his right leg,Pounced towards Chen Xiu with one foot。
Chen Xiu saw the other party rushing aggressively,Not dare to resist,Roll out on the ground,I picked up a wine bottle next to the box。
Zombies are coming again。
Chen Xiu leaned against the wall and directly broke the beer bottle,Sliding down at the same time,Dodge the zombie blow,At the same time, the sharp beer bottle is inserted into the zombie’s heart。
The beer bottle is inserted directly into the zombie’s heart,Normal people are going to die,I don’t know him but it’s fine,I stretched out my hands and grabbed Chen Xiu’s neck,Open mouth,Showing two sharp fangs, he bit towards Chen Xiu’s neck。
Chen Xiu pressed his hands firmly against his chin,Scream:“Help!”
Zhang Yuantu catches up from behind,Holding the peach wood sword from behind, a sword penetrates the heart directly through the zombie body。