Wu Lei wasted 4 opportunities, the Spanish Chinese Derby lost

Wu Lei wasted 4 opportunities, the Spanish “Chinese Derby” lost
In the third round of the La Liga match this morning in Beijing time, the Spaniard at home lost 0-3 in the “Chinese Derby” against Granada.Wu Lei, who started the game, improved, and wasted 4 opportunities.Wu Lei started but wasted 4 opportunities.Picture / Social Media The Spanish and Granada are La Liga clubs with Chinese background and Chinese bosses. The direct dialogue between the two teams is regarded as the “Chinese Derby” on the La Liga arena.In this game, the Spaniards out of the 4231 formation, Wu Lei was pushed to a single arrow position that was not suitable.Granada took the lead in the 13th minute by Puertas, Wu Lei has won 4 opportunities, but they were all grasped.In the 66th minute, he was replaced by Kaleri and became the first player to end the Spanish game.The home team no longer reversed the equalizer afterwards. The goal was lost twice in the 68th minute and the 74th minute, and eventually lost 0-3.The goal has become the Spaniard’s biggest breakthrough this season, the La Liga 3 rounds, they are the only team that has not scored.Wu Lei was hit by the data website after the game 5.With a rating of 9, the Spanish media commented: “He had a chance to score, but encountered his own mistakes and the goalkeeper.His choice at a critical moment was not good, and Gayego was disappointed.”Wu Lei admitted in an interview:” In terms of grasping the opportunity at the end, I really did lack some.”Spanish coach Gayego tried to continue to inspire the team,” we currently (3 rounds) only got 1 point, and no score, I am obviously not satisfied.But I will not comment on my team with emotion, because the content of the team in the game is positive.”Returning to the European competition, the Spaniard is currently ranked second from the bottom in the league, and relegation has become their most realistic goal.