Upgrade our love system in time


Upgrade our love system in time

“How long have we been married?

“The wife asked suddenly all night.

I paused in front of the computer for a while: “It’s been seven years. Why do you ask this?

The wife replied quietly: “Everyone says ‘seven years of itching’ is the most likely time for marriage to encounter Waterloo!

“” All day thinking nothing?

My wife and wife, where can I ‘slide’?

“I stunned my wife, and buried myself in front of the computer to do my copywriting.

  One day after I returned from a business trip, my wife told me in panic that the computer at home was down!

My heart sank suddenly: Recently, a virus called “Love Killer” is spreading on the Internet . Thinking of the precious information saved after many days of hard work may disappear, I can’t help but pry at my wife . The wife is crying anxiouslyWhen I was a little calm, I explained to me aggrieved: Since I sent the child back to my hometown and bought a computer at home, I hung up on the Internet after work. She wanted to talk to me and I was impatient . “I often say that online dating or something depends on you being on a business trip in addition to surfing the Internet this year. To be honest, I really don’t have the bottom of my heart!

“My wife told me frankly. She usually didn’t know much about surfing the Internet, but she turned on her computer and checked my e-mail and chat chat records when I was on a business trip that day.

I was looking up, and suddenly I saw a beautiful eyebrow blinking and sending a “gift” of “intimate lover”. She was nervous in her heart and opened it with a shake of her hand . I was both angry and funny when I heard it, After recovering the system, I found that all the documents are “clean white”.

The buddies who helped me blame me: How did you do it, the antivirus software will not be updated for several months?

In fact, as long as you upgrade in time and download a patch according to the program, which “love killer” will act arrogantly?

  I was speechless for a long time. When I looked at the wife next to Xianxian, my heart was filled with guilt. This day happened to be the weekend, and I never went online to plan a copy, instead of my wife planning”Romantic.

Under the warm candlelight of the dinner, the wife asked softly, “Will you be like this tonight?

“I felt guilty suddenly in my heart:” A wife who will definitely, I will update our love system in time in the future! ”