Flame red lips, three steps


Flame red lips, three steps

Red lips makeup has always been the favorite makeup of many Chinese and foreign celebrities. With a small lipstick, you can instantly improve the aura and change your temperament.

Let ‘s take a look at the star ‘s sexy red lips makeup together!

  Fan Bingbing, who has always been domineering, put on red lips makeup, isn’t Queen Faner more complete?

The two red lips grabbed the eyeballs, paired with white porcelain skin and smoky makeup, the aura was powerful and beautiful.

  The red lips makeup of Yang Ying’s baby changed her previous innocent image, a little cuteness revealed in her sexy, transformed from a pure girl into a beautiful and light mature woman.

  Taylor Swift is a queen of red lips. Whether it is an album, concert, awards ceremony or daily travel, she almost appears with red lips makeup.

This lip color will cause femininity and femininity.

  Miranda Kerr’s red lips makeup is also Ker’s favorite. In addition to brightening the overall temperament, shifting people’s attention from the cross of her baby fat to the lips, she can also fully show her sexy temperament.

  In 4 minutes, Luya ‘s other loyal fan of red lips is Luya. The red lips makeup shows her little woman’s side. The Korean big eye makeup plus the matte red lips makeup has no trimming and no blush.The clean makeup highlights the red lips with more temperament.

  3 steps to create red lip makeup Step 1 Step 1: Wipe the lips with a mild wet towel first.

Then use a light lipstick to lightly apply a layer on the lips to make the base; Step 2: Step 2: Use a makeup brush to dip an appropriate amount of translucent loose powder and place a light sweep on the edges of the lips, in order to avoid lip staining; Use a lip liner slightly darker than the color of the lipstick to outline the lip shape; Step 3 STEP 3: Then use the lip pencil to pick up the red lipstick to fill the middle of the lip drawn by the lip liner.

Cover the excess area with a concealer brush to keep the lip lines clearer.