Baoting 3: Village Mei Minfu Industrial Want Beautiful Country Bloom

People’s Network Bao Ting November 6th (Li Xueshan, Fu Wuping) "The treatment of the villagers is also very good, I really want to find the opportunity to settle here!" On November 5, the People’s Network Hainan Channel was initiated, Hainan Province "Walking into the village to see Xiaokang", hosted by the Propaganda Department of Ping Lizhen Miao Autonomous County, 2021, the promotion of Baodian Rural Revitalization, came to Sanxiao Town, when the media reporter from all over the world, online big coffee heard the village of Shijin Village was 8 years earlier Before achieving "there are villas, households have industries, every day, the month and month have salary, the season is harvested, and the year is a dividend". Shijin Village is a microcosm of three towns in the construction of beautiful rural construction.

In recent years, three towns have attached great importance to the beautiful rural construction work, increase the intensity of beautiful rural construction, and continuously expand the development of beautiful rural creativity, continuously improve the quality of peasants ‘lives, through the examples to enhance the people’ s identity, participation Strive to form a strong atmosphere to participate in the beautiful village creation, so that the beautiful village flowers everywhere. The scenic spot is located in the village Rishjin Village, located in Sanxing Town, Baoting Li Miao Autonomous County. It is a traditional Li nature village. There are 65 households in the village.

In 2010, Baociting proposed the socialist new rural construction of the "Region Small Town New Village" model, and combined with the folk life of ethnic minorities and tourism, turning the old village into a "operating type" tourism new village, thus driving the countryside. Adjustment of industrial structure and promoting farmers’ income and poverty. "Region" refers to the composite tourist scenic spots and tourist resorts, "small towns" refers to the original tourist villages and towns that rely on "region" to form local minority and cultural characteristics, "New Village" means A industry-based, combined socialist new countryside in the third industry and the first industry. In this mode, the scenic spot collaborates with Shijin Village, farmers are exported, the company pays money, the government coordinates, the construction of beautiful Xin Li Village, so that the surrounding farmers are not left, they do not misunderstand, no unemployment, not unemployment, guaranteed. Making the scenic spot in Li Village, Li Village is in the scenic spot, the villagers are both the owner and the perspective of the scenic spot, and the scenic spot is interdependent with Li Village.

This model breaks the situation of traditional tourism development "a prosperous and surrounding poor" in the scenic spot. In terms of ecological protection, the universal practice of disposable compensation, relocation, but combined with agriculture, industrialization of the scenic spots, so that the villagers lose, no loss, no loss, unrelent, embarrassment, embarrassment A ensuring that there is any income every day, the month has salary, the quarter is harvested, and there is a deposit (referred to as "four different") Huimin Road.

In the same year, Beijing Chunshui Group Hainan San Douhang District Small Town Travel Industry Co., Ltd. entered Shijin Village, creating the first new village, and developed the country’s cultural tourism district project of Buruba, the country, and the farmers participated in the country. Tourism Development.

Dong Yuecheng, deputy secretary of the party branch of Ganshun, told the People’s Network reporter. Before the development of the village, the villagers’ economic income mainly rely on agricultural planting, with only 2170 yuan in the average, this only more than 60 people There were 12 villages, they still lived in the hut: "At that time, I had 4 acres of rubber, 5 acres of betel nuts, and only 3,000 yuan in the past one year." But 10 years later today The per capita income of Shijin Village has increased to nearly 20,000 yuan, and the villagers’ housing area of ??the village will be extended from 3800m2 to 8500m2, and the high standard living level of per capita living area m2 is achieved.

In the History Museum of Shijin Village, the reporter saw the tama and tile room that was resident before retaining the villagers.

The director of guiding reporters said: "Many villagers said that they didn’t think they dream, they were able to live in a chamber, and they had a tournament.

"According to Assistant Gao Dejiang, general manager of Zhizhijie Company, in 10 years, the company has taken advantage of the" tourism + agriculture, enterprise + farmers ", through enterprises lead, farmers, village collective multi-party cooperation, driving rural industrial structure adjustment. Focus on the socialist "three farmers" of "ecological rural, travel agriculture, cultural peasants". In the accumulation of funds in Bishi Village, it is necessary to resettle the local minority farmers, and conduct scientific and technological training for farmers through comprehensive facilities. Making poverty alleviation, making a huge change in the poverty of Shijin Village, from a poor mountain village, becoming a distilled minority special village. Country views come to noon, blue sky white clouds, full of national tones Village Lisong Play "is beautiful, the riding station, the catering service station facilities is complete; the village is a strip of clean cement village traffic and cross all the ports and all the households; a building is hidden in a very gentle green coconut In the forest, the wall is a painful character pattern; the old man is sitting in front of the building, bathing the warm sun in the winter, smiling on the wrinkled face; tourists walk in the pond, the lague in the field, Looking at the fish in the water jumped … Here is a beautiful country that is a beautiful country that has just built a completed completed in Sancha Village.

The Toyun Village Group is a Li nature village under the three bony village committees of the three Town, and a village of the revolutionary old district. There are 626 people in the village. In order to build a beautiful village, develop rural tourism, in 2017, the Baoting County Government has arranged 9.2 million funds from the county’s 2016, the centralized lottery public welfare fund supports the revolutionary old district construction project funds, and the village is created into beautiful villages.

Huang Feng, Huang, Huang Feng, a group of village groups, said that through the beautiful rural construction, the appearance of the village is new, the road is wide, the environment is clean and neat, the villagers’ happiness is constantly rising. Fantang Village adjacent to the village has also built a beautiful country.

Since 2016, Baoting County, Sanxiang Town Since the opportunity to build a national tourism demonstration village, increase fund investment to build a beautiful rural tour project in Fan Chek Village, and constantly build a beautiful rural tourism demonstration point with Li people. Opening in May 2016, tens of thousands of people have received tens of thousands of people, while driving the villagers and sideline products.

The farmers also rely on their own environmental resources and human resources to create a beautiful rural tourist spot with Li people characteristics, set bicycles, leisure, organic vegetables, agricultural experience, fishing, etc. The beautiful villages are located in the southwest of Baoting County, and the most complete tropical rainforest is preserved, and the forest coverage is 85%.

There is a natural resource in the town of Sanda Town, and the mountain, rainforest, reservoir, river, country, and pastoral. Among them, the tropical rainforest scenery and rich Li Miao folk custom characteristics are highlighted, and it is a non-profit tour of Hainan Island to develop resources.

There are "Penang Valley Hainan Aboriginal Cultural Tour Area", "Yaharda Rainfore Forest Cultural Tourism Area" two countries 5A-level tourist attractions. According to Huang Rong, Huang Rong, the propaganda committee of Sand Road, in recent years, three towns have attached great importance to the beautiful rural construction work, and they have been promoted in various periods. Establish a coordination mechanism for the mission of the beautiful rural construction, strengthen the coordination of the beautiful rural construction work. The main person in charge of the party and government is personally deployed, formulating the annual implementation plan of the beautiful rural construction action plan, forming the working mechanism of "first-level grading level, layer grasping". Develop and improve supporting policy measures, guide social capital participation, and actively use financial institutions to improve their special funds for rural people, and form a diversified fund investment pattern.

Encourage different economic components and various investment subjects to participate in rural ecological environment construction in a variety of foreign-owned, joint ventures, contracting, leasing, and ecological economic project development, driving farmers’ income.

In the process of promoting the beautiful rural construction, the three-way towns have to create a strong atmosphere of the whole society, participate in the beautiful and rural construction activities, and promote the implementation mechanism of the "Village Ministries and Villages, Villagers and Villagers", and continuously expand the beautiful village. Create an influence, continuously improve the quality of farmers’ lives, through the examples to enhance the people’s identity, participation, participation, and guide the whole process of the villagers to participate in the project planning, construction, management and supervision, and strive to form everyone to participate in the beautiful rural creation. A strong atmosphere, so that the beautiful country is flowering in three, and there are currently 10 beautiful rural items that are being promoted. She said that in the practice of building a beautiful village, Baoting County and three towns have been following such ideas: Building a beautiful village, so that the village is livable, allowing the industrial Yiye, let tourists should travel. Next, the three towns will continue to actively promote the beautiful rural construction, form the new pattern of "one village and one scene, one village one product, one village, one characteristics", gradually let each rural attraction become a scenic spot, realize "Industrial Xingwang, Ecological Livalent, Township Civilization, Treatment Effective, Life Wealth" Country Revitalization Goal. From the People’s Network Hainan Channel, the "Walking into the Rural Village" hosted by the Propaganda Department of Baociting Li and Miao Autonomous County Committee, Hainan Province will focus on the poverty attack and rural revitalization of Baociting County in Hainan Self-trade and Hong Kong Construction. The special village, advantage brand, touching story, advanced characters and industrial revitalization are the main line, through organize media visit, to Baociting the future rural revitalization and rural areas, provide strong intelligence support, and "Walk into Baocheng to see Xiaokang" as the theme, through authoritative media, new media platform and network big coffee to promote the publicity of Baoting Rural village, improve the reputation of Baociting agriculture industry, specialty products, rural tourism and new rural construction and Influence, attract more merchants to Baociting investment, travel consumption, and help rural residence.

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