Yuxian asked the young people who were sitting opposite for more than 20 years old。

This person is called Yuji,Word god,Shangdu County Wuxiang County, Today, Wuxiang County, Shanxi Province,Yu Tai,The instrument of the three di Yu Xian and Yueti brother。
Yujian branch,Zhou Guong Room,Early,And secretly reported to Yu Yu ventilation。Yu is dead,He is directly upright.。
This time, Yu Pai Yu, with Udexin to Hanzhongcun,In fact, there is also the meaning of monitoring the intestinence.。But the Yujian is also very talented.,Uppermitution is not a talker,Everything is discussed。
All the way,Yujian secretly observed Uphinopsis,I feel that this proud of it doesn’t have the heart of the minister.,Or is it a goddiar?。
I heard the words of the Yuxian,Prostitute。Both people play chess in the signs,The Usian did not have a brain.,It’s a problem with your ear.,Didn’t listen to what the other party said before。
In fact, the Usian did not say anything.。
“Oh,I mean,We sent troops,how?”
Yuxian is a bit awkward。
This is frightened。
“You are crazy?We strictly guarded Wang Linbei,He doesn’t come to us, it is enough.,We still have to find him.?”
Yujou is not a wasteless waste,on the contrary,He is very talented,Can。Yuxian’s idea,Not in standing,Instead!
Once you attack the Fuyang failure,Wang Lin is likely to send troops to play along Han River.,By breaking the Hanzhong!Hanzhong Easter,The land is dangerous!At that time, Zhou Guo wants to collapse.!
Three Kingdoms period,Why is Liu Bei to die with Cao Cao?,And the Hanzhong belongs to Liu Bei,The layout of Han Han is determined to be?
Isn’t it because this place is too important?!号 地 门户,Guanzhong backyard。
Yu 邕 给 任 任,It is not a military adventure that is in the proliferation of 襄阳.,Just just keep the Hanzhong。As long as you keep the Hanzhong,That is the state-owned big work!
“Well,I just said.,You want to be true。”
Yu Xianyan said,That is not like talking.,Instead, I think about the conclusion that I got after a long time.。
“Qi Wang,I am a brother of your family.,Don’t say。only,Now you are not just Qi Wang,You are also the guard of Hanzhongcheng,National burden,Have a child。”
His hand has a secretary secret,Once there is a regular movement of Upper, it is mainly,Take it immediately,Send back Changan trial。
Nowadays, despite the actions,But he wants to play the idea of Fuyang,In the prostitute,I will give Wang Lin and have two people.。
This can also be considered in a sense.“Chaos”。If Yu Xian dares to put the idea into practice,Then he will never be soft.!
To know,There is a thousand soldiers in the prostitute.,That is not to return to Yulian。
“never mind!It is a bit bored here,I went to the field to walk.。”
Do not speculate,The two are not happy。Yujian believes that the Yurong is a neuropathy,Justice is a kind“Genius is not understood”Loneliness。
Come to the field,Peasants are harvesting wheat,Golden。Yushen find a dry grass,A trip,Looking at the blue sky white cloud on the head,There is a deep fatigue。
This year he is sixteen years old!
Why is it so tired??