There may be new elements in Taoist temples waiting for her to discover,Li Lili doesn’t want to waste time making boring jokes with Chen Xiu here。

Chen Xiu pouted,Thinking:“The female doctor is really not interesting at all!”
See Tang Yuanyuan
535 Behind the elbow
Actually, Chen Xiu didn’t have much research on alchemy furnace,There are few records in Zhang Haishan’s notes,He only dates from the Eastern Jin Dynasty,Mainly because there is no hint of ancient jade in his mind!
Chen Xiu discovered that as long as things related to Ge Hong,There is no way to date ancient jade。
Since there is no prompt,Then this alchemy furnace must be Ge Hong’s thing, no doubt,It must be something of the Eastern Jin Dynasty。
“Chen Xiu,You take a look,There is a line here in the alchemy furnace,What is written on it,How can i not understand?”Tang Yuanyuan shouted。
Chen Xiu went to Tang Yuanyuan’s side,Follow where she is pointing,I saw a line of text engraved inside the ears of the alchemy furnace,These words are the same as those on the shipwreck in the South China Sea、Found in Shacheng
536 Elixir Poison
“Fortunately you didn’t take this pill,Is it enough to poison you ten times?!”
Li Lili’s first sentence was to make Ye Zicheng tremble all over,Hurriedly asked:“What do you say?”
“Because of the lack of equipment here,There are more than a dozen elements in the pill that cannot be distinguished,But I have tested the ones that account for the most。