“‘Shalom family’’S actual strength is stronger than on the surface,Recorded here,More than sixty years ago,The head of the Third Division at the time and‘Shalom family’There was a fight in a transaction,‘Shalom family’Sent three eighth-level fighters to suppress。”Wright shook his head,Three eighth-level fighters,He doesn’t care,But this means‘Shalom family’The one behind‘Big shot’Not simpler than imagined。

“‘Shalom family’Slave trade,And it’s not small,But they are low-end,Strictly speaking, it’s not a slave trade.,But from the Magnolia Empire、The northern and central parts of our empire sent people to the area controlled by the Holy See of Light。”
“Patriarchs of the Shalom family,Basically all devout followers of the Holy See,Even 20 to 30% of the income of the entire Shalom family,Are donated to the Holy See。”
The more they look at it, the more solemn their faces become,‘Shalom family’The relationship with the Holy See of Light is closer than expected。Even back then‘Shalom family’Canonized as nobility,All have the shadow of the Holy See。
“‘Archbishop Vincennes’,The supreme power of the Holy See in Xli Province,He has appeared in many places in the history of the Shalom family,More than 300 years ago, I had a close friendship with the first generation of the Shalom family patriarch。”
Is this the archbishop the one‘Big shot’!
Illuminati,It’s not the level of the Horace family in Blue Castle‘The weak’,In the entire empire can also be ranked in the top five,Countless strength。
Wright is sure to deal with dozens of ninth-level powerhouses,But he may not be able to beat any sanctuary strong,If vindictiveness or magic reaches level 9,At best, you can fight against the weak in the sanctuary.。
And put aside the teacher Cromwell Saint Magister,The idle power of the Baruch family,In fact, the Holy See of Light is among the many forces in the empire,Just under the imperial royal family and the earth temple。There are three strong sanctuary on the entire Holy See,Is enough to suppress the dark side。Of course according to the teacher,The Holy See has hidden at least two sanctuary powerhouses。And the Holy See also has its own artifact,This is not even possessed by the extreme powerhouse of the sanctuary like the teacher and the behemoth like the imperial family。
Wright is indeed a bit awkward,As a traverser,Some information he knows even more!
When the Holy See of Light is about to be destroyed in the original book,The Holy See also summoned the projection of a god-level powerhouse。Although it is more than 4,600 years in the Magnolia calendar,,The Holy See has not been more than five thousand years later,Dozens of sanctuary powerhouses appeared。But this last ultimate move,There should also be a super large magic circle guarding the base camp。
It’s easy to deal with a Shalom family alone,If sure‘Archbishop Vincennes’is that‘Big shot’,It’s not difficult to kill him,But the Vatican behind the bright revenge is definitely not easy。
My teacher is better than the Holy See,But I didn’t。
“Wright!”Cecilia looked at him worriedly,I grasped Wright’s hand。