But how could he become a giant snake?and also,How did Lu Menglin recognize him??

To know,Did not appear in that videoHThe appearance of the agent,How could Lu Menglin determine that the Snake King is him??
Carlo feels more frightened,He recalled the details just now,Lu Menglin took out the phone from Liu Guofeng,Actually three words
Two words scared the snake king。
Explain that the snake king knows about the neutron bomb,So reverse the conclusion,The giant snake in front of me,It is indeed possible that the one who was missingHAgent。
It’s just that Carlo has found a little clue until now.,By contrast,Lu Menglin is more like a brain mutant than him,Too demon!
After a while,The snake king finally spoke。
“Yes,I almost forgot the name。If you want to go to that place,We must make a consciousness that is worse than death。Or like me,Become this monster,Then life is better than death!Are you really going?Latecomers!”The voice of the snake king echoed in the hall,The psychological shock caused to people is extremely shocking。
“and also,How do you recognize me?No one knows my true face!”Lord Snake,Also used toHAgent,Shen Sheng asked。
Of course Lu Menglin wouldn’t tell him,I have Xiaozhi, the almost omnipotent artificial intelligence,Have computing power far beyond the era,He wants to analyze that the snake king isHThe result of the agent,Not too difficult。
“Tell us what happened there!Did it make you like this?Our mission this time is to destroy it,You should help us!”Lu Menglin raised her voice。
These words,It should have been said by Captain Carlo,But this time,Everyone obviously has no time to care about such things。
Including Carlo,Everyone is very curious,whyHThe agent becomes this ghost like a snake with a human face,What happened to him in the jungle?
“Yes,I should help you。mission accomplished,Then save humanity,right?But I am like this,Still human?You tell me,Am I still human?”HThe agent is very emotional,The tone is also very intense。
boom!Lu Menglin jumped,Jumped onto the head of the giant snake,And then stepped hard。
“What bullshit!Of course you are human!As long as I’m there,Can change you back!Because I am an omnipotent rich man!Understand?”Lu Menglin stomped,Loudly。
The giant snake’s head was stomped by him and nodded repeatedly,A helpless look,But this scene looks quite astonishing,And nobody thought it was funny。