FIFA Announces Decision on Allocation of World Cup Finals in 2026-8 seats in Asia, 16 seats in Europe

FIFA Announces Decision on Allocation of World Cup Finals in 2026: 8 seats in Asia, 16 seats in Europe
On the evening of March 30th, Beijing time, FIFA announced a decision on the allocation of places on all continents in the 2026 World Cup finals.UEFA remain basically the same, AFC and AFC have become the biggest beneficiaries, AFC’s World Cup athlete team’s current four direct places rose to eight.  Since the Air Force FIFA has confirmed that from the 2026 World Cup, the size of the World Cup has changed from the current 32 teams to 48 teams, so there are 16 more places in the finals, and the number of teams on all continents has also been changed.FIFA has also reassigned the participating teams on all continents of the World Cup many times.The total number of UEFA competitions has remained at the current level, currently 13.Five places will become 16 in 2026.AFC and AFC can be said to be the biggest beneficiaries, AFC from now on 4.5 teams increased to 8 teams!For the Chinese team, this is undoubtedly a major advantage.The current 5 teams of AFC will also be increased to 9 teams.Central and North America and South America have also increased 1-2 places respectively, while Oceania will have a fixed number of places.The specific allocation for each continent is as follows: AFC: 8 direct quotas African Football Association: 9 direct quotas Central American and Caribbean Football Federation: 6 direct quotas South American Football Federation: 6 direct quotas Oceania Football Federation: 1 direct quotaPlaces UEFA: 16 direct places according to FIFA regulations, the host country automatically obtains World Cup tickets, but they have occupied one place on all continents.If there are two or more countries co-hosting, FIFA will point out the issue of quota allocation.  According to the above distribution principle, the six continents occupied 46 of the 48 tickets in total, and the other 2 places will be generated through cross-continent play-offs.  1) Except UEFA, each continent football team has one team, plus the host team on the continent, a total of 6 teams participate.  2) According to the world rankings, two teams are selected as seed teams. The seed team competes with two other non-seed teams for the two winners after the match.  3) The above games are held in the countries hosting the World Cup, and can also be used as a test of the ability of the host country to host the World Cup.  4) The 2026 World Cup playoffs will be contested in November 2025.