Resting after taking a bath for half an hour, sex life is healthier

Resting after taking a bath for half an hour, sex life is healthier

Can wash a bath before the accident, not only cleans the health, but also enhances the marital relationship, most couples have no objection to their behavior.

However, from a medical point of view, it is possible to cause adverse sexual function problems such as impotence and affect the quality of sexual life.

  Because the human body has an automatic regulation function on blood flow, the organ is busy working to “mobilize” some blood.

After bathing, the temperature and friction make the blood flow to the skin and stay in place. At this time, the sex organs will “grab” the blood to the skin, and the difference in deployment will occur.

We all know that penile erection is caused by a large amount of blood pouring into the corpus cavernosum and making the penis hard and erect. If the sexual organs do not get enough blood, it is easy to cause impotence, erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems, affecting the quality of sexual life.
  Occasionally, once or twice the erection is powerless, if it is long-term, the skin and the penis robbed the blood, and the blood circulation in the body is always in an unbalanced state, which not only affects sexual function, but also makes the blood supply to the heart and brain relatively insufficient.It is prone to dizziness, palpitations, fatigue and even fainting.

Therefore, it is not recommended for couples to have sex immediately after taking a bath.

  Since bathing can damage sexual function, can you ignore this habit?

The answer is yes, because the male and female reproductive organs are hidden in the underwear, rare sunlight, it is the place where bacteria and viruses survive and multiply.

Common vaginitis, balanitis, gonorrhea, etc., are related to the unclean sex organs in sex life.

Therefore, cleaning the hygiene of the perineum is very necessary.

So how do you take a bath to keep your genitals clean while not affecting your sexual function?

  1, take a small shower to talk about hygiene: that is, only the necessary cleaning of the genital area, with a simple partial cleaning instead of bathing.

It should be noted that after cleaning, do not wipe the sexual organs with the changed underwear, and wash your hands with hand sanitizer.

  2, rest for a while to help sex: after taking a bath, it is best to rest for half an hour, the husband and wife can talk with each other, say that some other people like to listen to, adjust the atmosphere of sexual life, until the skin blood flow returns to normal, thenIntercourse is more appropriate.