Coriantial cooperation is deepened: Hongdong "Hands in Hand" Zhejiang University’s "Wisdom" Development

Shanxi Daily reporter Li Huowei correspondent Li An An Yu Tao Chen Xin reported: "On November 11th," Hongdong County – Zhejiang University Deepening the School Land Cooperation Work Symposium "held in Hongdong, the two sides on" smart city "construction, soil pollution prevention Cooperate with governance and other aspects to communicate and agree on cooperation. In order to implement the major deployment of the 12th Party Congress, "Vigorously Developing Talents", Hongdong County is closely eyeing to "double-first" efficiency, further deepening school partnership.

On the 11th, 9 experts and professors of the Zhejiang University Environmental and Resource Academy, the Party Committee Chen Bao Liang, etc. Memorial Hall, Shanxi Feihong Kokuchuo Group, etc.

At the symposium, the two sides were fully communicated to consult with the top 5 bases of "College Students’ Internship Training, Wishe Cooperation, University Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Base, College Research Platform Extension Base, Red Education and National Education Base".

Among them, the Hongdong Branch of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Linyi City is intended to cooperate with the "Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control, Water Pollution" to establish a college student internship training base and university research platform extension base. Hongdong County Agricultural Rural Area is intended to cooperate with Zhejiang University Environmental and Resources in the "Soil Pollution Control and Control of Agriculture", establish college student internship training base, university scientific research platform extension base, 智 库 合作 base, agricultural security Control cooperation platform.

Hongdong County Finance Bureau is planned to cooperate with the School of Urban College, Zhejiang University, and cooperate with the "Smart City" construction project to establish "Zhejiang University", Zhejiang University provides Hongdong County to provide talent training, planning and design, technical guidance, etc. support.

Shanxi Weihong Kokchong Group is intended to cooperate with Zhejiang University California International Nanotechnology Research Institute to cooperate with "Miniled Exterteration and Chip Preparation Technology" to establish an university scientific and technological achievement transformation base, university research platform extension base, to solve production problems for enterprises.

Since this year, Hongdong County has implemented "Nesting the Phoenix + Provincial School Cooperation" group, and a group of school-enterprise cooperation projects have landed. At present, there have been 1 national talent work platform, 3 provincial platforms, 10 provincial cooperation bases, and one place in the municipal base.

Next, Hongdong County will continue to deepen cooperation with Zhejiang University, and explore the establishment of "County School Cooperation Talent Work Liaison Station, College Cadre Talent Harvesting Base".