Promote online interviews for the construction of Base in Nanning, Beihai

[Moderator]: Hello everyone! The theme of today’s interview is to understand the construction of the entrepreneurial incubation base of Nanning High-tech Zone National ‘Double Creative’ Demonstration Base and Beihai High-tech Zone. Our interview target is the Director of Blue Box, the Development and Reform Commission, the Autonomous Region, explaining the construction of Guangxi Promotion Base.

Director of Blue Box, Hello! You are welcome to participate in this interview.

"Double Creating" Upgrade Edition Implementation Opinions "" Some Measures for Further Deepening the Reform of Science and Technology System Promoting Science and Technology Innovation ", etc. Creating leads gradually highlight.

First, the integrated strength of the park continues to enhance.

Nanning High-tech Zone In 2019, Nanning High-tech Area received 2297 patents, accounting for% in Nanning; newly increased the new national enterprise technology center, total number of 3, accounting for 75% in Nanning; new 3 The National Accreditation Laboratory (CNAS), the total number reached 17; 50 autonomous region engineering and technology research centers, accounting for% in Nanning; 38 autonomous region-level corporate technology centers, accounting for all Nanning City%. The third is that the dual-creation subjectivity is effectively excited. In 2019, 4432 new registered enterprises in Nanning High-tech Zone. The total number of companies reached 2,53,000; the total number of high-tech enterprises reached 351, and the year-on-year increase%; new 3 Guangxi "瞪 企业业", total reached 13, accounting for Nanning’s%; 190 small and medium-sized enterprises in the warehouse, accounting for% in Nanning.

· Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Base is the core area of ??Nanning High-tech Zone National Demonstration Base, what is the current construction? What is the active role in building a double-created demonstration base? – Nanning · Zhongguancun’s innovative demonstration base construction, continuously deepening cooperation with Zhongguancun, in accordance with the cooperation consensus of "one base, one park", accelerate innovative carrier construction, strengthen innovation resource introduction, and strengthen the high-quality development of Nanning High-tech Zone Support. · The radiation driving and overflow effect of Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Base continues to expand.

· Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Base (including Acacia Lake District) accumulated 95 enterprises in key industries, 196 entering and innovation enterprises; the introduction of all Chinese Academy of Engineering, 6 national high-level talents, support 3 countries " People’s Plan "Experts and 3" Early Scholars "; establishing cooperation with more than 30 universities in Guangxi, more than 7,500 new generation technical talents such as big data, artificial intelligence; through innovative demonstration base investment financing platform has been based on the base Inner and external enterprises provide billion-in financing services. The innovative demonstration base is held for more than 160 innovation activities represented by innovative China, Yucheng, and the like, further expansion of exchange channels to create a good innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere.

· The construction of Zhongguancun Science Park continued to advance. 5,000 mu, the first phase of the square kilometer has completed the development of 80% of the area, completed the main road construction of "three horizontal four vertical". The second phase of the square kilometer has completed the land acquisition and launched the road construction.

Total introduction of 17 industrial projects, and the total investment of 8.5 billion yuan. Baby Electronic Information Industrial Park is initially formed, June 2020, successfully introduced Hong Kong Sannun Project, electronic information industrial parks in the industrial key project reached 4 (inversion, Rui Sheng, Century Union, Sanyun), all of which Realize the output value of 15 billion yuan. On April 13, 2020, the first server and computer products of the Wave Nanning Production Base were launched in the science and technology park. On June 10, 2020, the two broken screening equipment of Guangxi Ke Rui Machinery Co., Ltd. were officially launched, marking my country’s horizontal mobile crushing technology to achieve localization, filled the gap in this area. On July 28, 2020, Century Innovation Smart Display Manufacturing Project was formally completed.

· Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Base has become a model of autonomous region, Nanning City, innovation and entrepreneurial development, the State Council Inspection Team, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Administration of Taxation, etc. Recognize.

Demonstration base has also become an important platform for Guangxi open radiation, foreign cooperation exchanges, and has been exchanged cooperation with 20 countries such as Israel, Italy, organizing many international exchange activities such as "Guangxi-ASEAN Innovation Cooperation Exchange", receiving Thailand, Singapore, etc. ASEAN countries are visiting. Nanning · Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Base has found a new platform for the transformation of Zhongguancun Innovation Resources. It has found the export of "Nanning Channel" to the ASEAN and "One Belt" country for its exports. Development is injected into new vitality.

Introduction to the Demonstration Base of Double Creating! So, can the Blue Box Director introduces the construction of the entrepreneurial incubation base in Beihai High-tech Zone? Two, 3 national filing spaces. In December 2019, the base has accumulated 261 graduation enterprises, 716 incubating enterprises and projects, including 193 hatching companies in 2019; 43 high-tech companies, accounting for the city’s proportion of the city; accumulate all kinds of listings Or 19 companies listed.

– Beihai Shuntian Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Alibaba International Service Station designated operation service provider Guangxi Zhuozhen Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Double into the high-tech zone. "Strong lead, make up chain, gathering group" development ideas, focusing on information technology, artificial intelligence, marine life, etc., vigorously carry out investment in investment. Encourage industry leaders to improve the level of science and technology innovation, gradually integrate into the global supply chain, industry chain, and value chain, forming the ability to configure factor resources and layout market networks worldwide.