Our province will issue a list of basic pension services, support enterprises to develop intelligent pension monitoring equipment, etc., gradually improve the elderly

  Guangdong will further implement the elderly economic difficult age, the resilience of the older people’s subsidy system and the senior elderly subsidy system, gradually increase subsidy standards; improve the basic endow service system, release "Guangdong Province basic pension service list"; support enterprise development can wear, portable, Self-catering intelligent pension monitoring equipment and home service robot, meets diversification, personalized healthy elderly demand … Recently, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department revealed the above information when responding to a number of proposals of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference on strengthening the old-age service.

The Provincial Civil Affairs Department said that the province will continue to improve the accurate supply and service level of home pension, and promote high quality development of the old-age service system. In the "New Infrastructure", "New Infrastructure", "New Infrastructure" Committee Wang Zhengyin suggested in the "Proposal of Strengthening the Exception of Higher’s Pension Service Priority Promotion" Ensure that the elderly should raise their own health; give full play to the "Internet +" function, network network health care station, nursing home, public hospital, etc. Wait. The Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Li Jingdong, from the perspective of the construction of the pension service of smart community, and the proposed statement actively responded to the aging of the population.

He suggested that it will form a smart pension service standard as soon as possible; the "New Breaking" is an opportunity to learn from the experience of "one network system" "one network system" in some community streets in Shanghai, promote the promotion of smart community old-age service demonstration; from labor skills training, hospital The school opened related majors, expand volunteer services, and constructing smart community pension service talents.

  Answer to accelerate the development of smart and old-age products, for the above, the provincial Civil Affairs Department replied that, in order to improve the basic endow service system, improve the level of accuracy of home pension service, will release the "Basic Endowment Service List", Guangdong Province, and clear service objects, service content, Service standards, etc. The Provincial Civil Affairs Department revealed that the province has established a health service file for more than 7 million home elderly, and has established more than 30,000 rural left-behind seniors, providing a family doctor’s signing service for 5.96 million people. 10,291 institutions in home health care services; in addition, Guangdong Province has established a specialty of specialty supporting staff, benefiting more than 180,000 specials in the province. The Provincial Civil Affairs Department said that the next step will play the advantages of our province’s ultra HD video, 5G, intelligent terminal, new display, integrated circuit and other fields, to create a world-class electronic information industry cluster, focus on developing wisdom old-age products and applications, and develops applicable to wisdom Low power consumption, miniaturized intelligent sensors, processors and operating systems of health older terminals.

Support enterprises can wear, portable, self-catering intelligent pension monitoring equipment and home service robots to meet diversified, personalized health and pension needs.

  The Provincial Civil Affairs Department also revealed that the elderly economic difficult age, disabled elderly subsidy system and senior elderly allowance system, and gradually increase subsidy standards, encourage various elderly nursing insurance products including commercial long-term nursing insurance products, Provide personalized long-term care services for the insured to meet the needs of different levels of the elderly.

(Reporter / Xie Qingyu Trainee / Meng Jian).