Sexual vacuum during pregnancy

“Sexual vacuum” during pregnancy

One day, you are pregnant. When you are ready to be a mother, the doctor tells you that you cannot have sex with your husband for a period of time.
  This is actually just a common sense health protection measure, but around us, there are many stories about the sexual derailment of the husband after the wife’s pregnancy.
The husband’s reason is usually: he was derailed only for sex, and he still loves his wife.
It’s hard for women to accept, why is he doing this?
In just a few months, does he need a relationship with another woman to replace the “sexual vacuum” that appeared during your pregnancy?
It is because of the children that the oxygen that cultivates “sex” is evacuated!
  Regardless, many couples will realize that when their wives are pregnant, their relationship will be hit by a red light.
During this extraordinary period, if you walk smoothly, your relationship will be more harmonious and beautiful; if you cannot walk smoothly, your family will be injured.
  Many times, it is easy for a couple to ignore sexual communication during a wife’s pregnancy.
Many women report that when they become pregnant, their hearts are shrouded in the desire and joy of being a mother, their lives are drawn away by another force, and their husbands are no longer the focus of their lives when they are no longer in a two-person world.
  Most of the pregnancies happened shortly after they were newly married. The sex between the two was getting better. Suddenly a sudden brake came. Men and women were naturally facing the test.
Some men report that they feel lost.
One of the reasons for the loss is that the wife has the concern of the child, and the man feels that he is no longer her only; the second is that because of the lack of a normal sex life, the man will obviously feel uneasy.
In fact, after the wife is pregnant, both men and women need timely psychological health care, because the normal spouse’s sexual life will be affected no matter whether the pregnancy is unexpected or expected.
  Many men think that at this time they are still more eager for emotional exchanges with their wives. Some people think that “Jiubie wins a new marriage” between husband and wife, but the premise of “Jiubie wins a new marriage” is the deep love between the husband and wife, each other ‘s heartMissing and longing, otherwise, “Jiubie” can only deepen the sense of distance.
Many other men complained that after their wives became pregnant, some wives even refused their husbands rudely, making their husbands feel hurt.
  Experts advise wives to strengthen emotional communication first.
Men are sometimes like a small child. Before pregnancy, he was the sweetheart of his wife. The wife turned around him every day. After pregnancy, the wife focused on the child and stopped turning around himself. The man’s central position was lost.Afterwards, you may feel lost.
  The timely emotional communication between the husband and wife not only can make the husband and wife’s feelings as before, will not be affected with the pregnancy, but also exercise the sense of responsibility of the man, make the man bear the burden of the future father, and escort the birth of new life.
  Secondly, during the wife’s pregnancy, some sexual lifestyles may not be used, but during this time, it is also the opportunity for couples to try more sexual methods.
As long as men and women can calmly discuss sexual problems during pregnancy, under the guidance of a doctor, as long as it is a sexual way that does not harm the body and the fetus, it can continue.
And its psychological foundation is that the husband should get rid of the concept that no sexual activity between husband and wife can be carried out after the wife is pregnant.