“Hello uncle and aunt!I come today,Is here for dinner,Sit still for a while,Zhao Hong and I can do it alone”Ouyang Hong laughed,And Zhao Hong really went into the kitchen。

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Wang Lin drove to Bucheon at around three in the afternoon,He can’t even care about food,So he went directly to Beishan Old Xiao’s house。
Lao Xiao, who was about to go out, saw Wang Lin’s appearance,He asked a little surprised:“What’s wrong Wang Lin?Isn’t something wrong again?!”
Wang Lin shook her head,I poured myself a glass of water and drank it,Then I want to say:“You should be aware of the changes in Bucheon!Mayor Lan was transferred back to the work in Bucheon City,Huang Ting was investigated,Isn’t there a story about Xia Jian??”
“Ha ha!I know,This isn’t about to go out,Just for Xia Jian”Old Xiao said with a smile。
Wang Lin stuck out her tongue a little embarrassedly and said:“Then I wait for your good news”Wang Lin finished,Get up and go。
“Don’t worry!Did you just rush back from Bucheon??How about this!Don’t run around,Xia Jian’s house just cleaned up,Just lie down and rest,Wait for me back,Let’s eat and talk“Old Xiao suddenly stopped Wang Lin who was about to go out。
Aunt Ding opened Xia Jian’s house,She smiled and said:“You can rest at ease,I will lock the door from outside。Wait for us back,I’ll cook for you again“
Wang Lin nodded,Quickly took off his jacket and climbed onto the bed,He is so tired,Really have to take a good rest。She just lay down,I don’t know if I feel asleep。
In her sleep, she felt that someone was calling her,Wang Lin barely opened her eyes,I saw Aunt Ding standing in front of their bed,said laughingly:“Time to get up for dinner,It’s half past eight“
“what!I slept for five hours?“Wang Lin said,Hurriedly jumped out of bed,He doesn’t even believe it,She actually slept for so long。
On the coffee table in the living room,The wine and dishes have been arranged,When Lao Xiao saw Wang Lin,Smiled and said:“Let’s celebrate with two glasses tonight,You don’t have to go back tonight,Just live in Xia Jian’s bed“
“celebrate?Did Xia Jian’s affairs have a result?“Wang Lin asked with a smile。