“No, Captain Liu!There is not even a fire extinguisher in this supermarket”Song Sanping shouted loudly。He saw Captain Liu was leaving,Can’t help but get anxious。

Captain Liu stopped,I couldn’t help but frowned and said:“Is it not easy to buy a few fire extinguishers??Captain Dong is here,You don’t need to worry about this”
What else does Song Sanping want to say?,But Captain Liu has already let go,Made this guy look bad。
Dong Xuanxuan smiled,Said to Song Sanping:“Mayor Song is really a good mayor of Wuying Town,I found that you have to take care of everything,This is the blessing of the people in Wuying Town!”
“Ha ha!”Song Sanping gave a dry smile,Turned around and left dingy。
A storm,Be invisible in an instant,Xia Jian deeply felt the role of the word relationship。Even Jia Lina, who has never seen Dong Xuanxuan much,,At this time, she said with a smiling face:“Thank you so much Captain Dong”
“you are welcome,The point is that your supermarket itself has no major troubles,I just said something nice from it,Really have a problem,I said it was useless”Dong Xuanxuan smiled,Very low-key to Jia Lina。
Anyway,He still thanked Dong Xuanxuan from the bottom of his heart,If not for her timely appearance,The people’s supermarket is probably closed by now and is under rectification。
The newly opened supermarket was reorganized at this time,But it’s a very bad thing。But all this is finally over。Xia Jian and Dong Xuanxuan walk side by side on the street,Although he is smiling,In essence。
“I said you are a part-time worker,Why are you so concerned about the boss?,What are the meanings??”Dong Xuanxuan suddenly turned to ask Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“I suggested that Jia Lina open this ordinary supermarket,She invested almost all of her money,If it is checked on this bone, it will affect the future business,Why didn’t I do a bad thing”
“Oh!So this is ah!Really is a person with a heart,No wonder my dad talked about you for a long time”Dong Xuanxuan looked at the sky with both eyes,Said a little hollowly。
The two have left Wuying Town unconsciously,Came to the dam they had been to before。The sky at this time,A piece of azure,The sun is shining powerfully on the earth,Make people feel the warmth before spring。
Dong Xuanxuan sat down on a big rock,She laughed softly:“Rare good weather,It’s a pleasure to sit here and chat?”
“This is for someone like you,You look,In a river dam,Except for the two of us so leisurely,Can you see other people?”Xia Jian said,Also sat beside Dong Xuanxuan。