“Lao Zhang,Later you will take people to run up the mountain,I……I……”

Chen Xiu wanted to say that he blocked the ancestor of the white tiger for a while,I just think of the horrifying Qipin Zhenqi of the ancestor Baihu,I’m afraid I can’t stop one move,Very helpless:“Lao Zhang,This time it’s me!”
Zhang Yuantu cheered himself up and said:“So many of us,There are so many guns……Times are different……May not be impossible……”
Chen Xiu smiled bitterly,Except for the atomic bomb,I am afraid that the current multi-tech weapons on this planet are difficult to harm the ancestors of the white tiger。
“Chen Xiu,Come out!”
Paihu Patriarch’s voice is not loud,But it clearly passed through the car into the ears of everyone。
“I go out to meet him,You look for a chance to take everyone away!”
“Chen Xiu……”
Zhang Yuantu is about to stop,Chen Xiu opened the door and got off,Walk slowly towards the ancestor Baihu,He walks slowly,I can’t help but wave my hands behind my back,Tell Osheng’s men not to get out of the car。
The ancestor Baihu looked at Chen Xiu who walked in,Brighten up,He obviously felt that Chen Xiu’s cultivation level had improved a lot than when he was in Centipede Mountain.,Thought to myself:“In this era, you can still practice in the world for thousands of miles,Really a peerless wizard that I have never seen in a thousand years。unfortunately……If it wasn’t for my lack of manpower,I really don’t want to turn him into a zombie!”
Chen Xiu saw him staring straight at him,The chrysanthemum can’t help but tighten,Anger:“Old glass,what the hell do you want!”
The ancestor of Baihu is not angry,Yanran smiled:“I mean you should be clear,I want you to submit to me!”
“Surrender your ass!”
Of course Chen Xiu dared to scold him,Speaking on the spot angered him,I’m afraid that Zhang Yuantu and the others will have no chance to escape。
“I just do not understand,Seven billion people on this planet,There are more people who look better than me,You can’t change your goal;Speak,Where am I,I can’t change it!”
The ancestor of the white tiger giggled:“You think too much,Thought i fell in love with you?”
“Isn’t it?”