I saw three people yelling,After rushing into the tree。

Babble,Two gunshots,BMW car with a sudden brake,Which two bags of banknotes have been protected under the car。
Heiwa can’t care too much,A stride,Rushed forward,Right hand,The two Swiss army knives flew out of the sleeve。
There was a sudden chaos ahead,Just listen to someone shouting:“Bald brother!We are surrounded”
Two more gunshots,Then there was a sound of fighting。
Suddenly on the opposite hillside,Dozens of flashlights lit,A loud voice shouted:“We are the people’s police,Quickly put down the weapon in your hand,Don’t make unnecessary resistance”
moment,These lights quickly surrounded,Encircled Xiyuan Ancient Temple,Heiwa dare not move forward rashly,Hurried back to the car,Pull the car door and jump up,Asked softly:“Are you all right!”
Fang Fang pointed to the front windshield and said:“The bullet flew past the roof,Seems to be a newbie,Can’t get a taxi,Let alone beating”
at this time,Several people ran over in the dark,Heiwa started immediately,Shouted loudly:“stop!”
“It’s us,They can’t run!Below are all police“He Jing said,Came over panting。
Heiwa just remembered the two packs of banknotes under the car,Then I moved to the car in a panic。Below Xiyuan Temple,Immediately there was gunfire,It seems that these guys are resisting,Has provoked a counterattack from the police。
The gunfire lasted for a few minutes,Gradually there is no sound,At this time, there was the sound of arresting people:“Don’t move!Put your hands on your head“
After a rush of noise,Someone shouted up:“Are the people from the startup group on it??Please come down,Our chief is looking for“