Lingju suddenly stunned in place,I can’t recover for a while,You know that after the Yun Yao imperial family got this curse back then,I don’t know how many powerful people have been found,Searched all over the Nether Continent,And the ancestor of the great immortal who ascended to the upper realm before the Yunyao royal family,Also help ask someone。

But ultimately to no avail,I don’t know how many immortals are helpless with this evil spirit,Can only help protect,But can’t untie。
but……I got a few stitches……It has already dropped one level?!!
If it is going on,Isn’t the devil’s robbery really solvable?!
Thought of here,Lingju’s beautiful eyes look forward to Jingpu’s back,Suddenly pursed his lips gently,This smile is like a peach and plum,Really beautiful。
senior……Really omnipotent。
but,Lingju’s beautiful smile,And no one saw,The black-clothed old man in front of him is already excited to jump up on the spot,Trembling all over:
“Saved,Saved,The entire Yun Yao royal family is saved!!”
After hearing this old man in black,That’s a silly smile,Suddenly,After recovering,Lingju’s smile changed from gentle,Become cold。
At this moment,Lingju suddenly shot!
The old man in black is a strong man at the pinnacle of Yuan Ying,But Lingju suddenly shot,The old man in black didn’t react immediately,After the black-clothed old man reacts,Lingju’s jade hand has pinched the black-clothed old man’s neck。
only,The old man in black didn’t resist,Just staring at the cold-eyed Lingju in front of him with a look of astonishment,Stutter a little:
“Sage of Yaochi……for……Why?”
Lingju with cold eyes,Slightly raised delicate chin,Frosty road:
“Senior,kindness,The most gentle person I have ever met,Sometimes I feel that I don’t know how to reject people like my senior,Is it too hard?。”
Old man in black,He blinked stunnedly,What is this,Why don’t you understand it at all??
Lingju was expressionless and continued slightly:
“Seniors are very important to me,I can’t bear to see seniors tired,If you go back and tell the entire Cloud Demon Emperor,I’m afraid it’s not just the cloud demon royal family shaking,The whole Lower Realm is like this,Everyone will flock here,I don’t know how much trouble it will cause。”
listen,Lingju’s words,This old man in black understood instantly,Dang Even nodded in horror:
“I know,I know,I will never go back and talk nonsense,I promise those five people will never talk nonsense,Today,We absolutely suck!”