Chen Yueqin took a breath and said:“Him!Stay at home everyday and have nothing to do,Always quarreling with me。I don’t want him to go to the foot of the West River,See where we went”

“Damn!You are so greedy!Didn’t we say that we will not plant anymore??so far,What else did you watch?”Wang Youcai said disdainfully。Don’t say now,Even when he had no money before,Never thought of doing something from the ground,Besides, what he has now is money。
Just when the mother and son were talking about the idle story,Wang Degui walked in with his hands behind his back,He is hot and sweating,But when I saw Wang Youcai,He still did not forget to ask:”How did you come?Don’t work well,Why do you always run home??“
“You old man,The kid comes back to see the two of us, too!“Chen Yueqin scolded,Busy pouring a basin of water for Wang Degui。Or old couples know their life and death,Don’t look at Wang Youcai’s respectful appearance,But this subtle movement,He couldn’t think of it。
Wang Degui washed his face,Then lie down on the big kang and say:“I think our land is pretty good,Plant some fruit trees in the ground,Better than barren!“
“Hey!dad,You and mom just stay idle,Go out and walk around,No money, just talk,My son is not short of money。But I absolutely disagree with you planting trees,Look at how old you are。If you insist on planting,I don’t care,Don’t say you can’t do it then!“Wang Youcai stopped and said anxiously。
This guy seems to be afraid that Wang Degui will plant the tree,This farm work,He never liked it。Chen Yueqin glared at Wang Youcai and said:“Go! Go! Go!Who counted on you,Why go,Don’t be annoying all the time“
“Didn’t they have not eaten yet??Wait till the meal is finished,You can’t keep it“Wang Youcai said,Sat on the chair。
Chen Yueqin pretended to be angry and hit him and said:“Want to eat my old lady’s meal,You have to listen to my old lady,Go to the kitchen to wash some cucumbers,Let’s eat cold noodles“
Chen Yueqin sent Wang Youcai to the kitchen,Then quietly told Wang Degui that she had just seen the situation。Wang Degui was unhappy when he heard it,This Chen Gui is his Wang Youcai’s follower,The two can be said to be brothers,Hook up with a friend’s wife,Is it too shameful。
Wang Degui, who was about to have an attack, was pressed down by Chen Yueqin,She whispered:“I have already taught him,Don’t say anything“Wang Degui was so angry that he lay on the kang and said nothing。
Lunch will be ready soon,When a family of three is eating,Chen Gui, who hadn’t been here for a long time, suddenly came,This made Chen Yueqin feel a little unhappy in her heart。
Chen Guiyi enters the door,He smiled and asked Wang Degui hello,Then he almost called Chen Yueqin“Aunt“Actually, Chen Yueqin’s family really had a horse spoon with Chen Gui’s family,But I don’t know what happened in that lifetime。
“Yo!Chen Gui!What kind of wind is this?To blow you into my house?“Chen Yueqin laughed,Stood up,Greet Chen Gui to sit down。
Chen Gui glanced at Wang Youcai secretly,But neither of the two spoke。Wang Degui has seen the clue,He asked with a dry cough:“Chen Gui said, have you eaten yet??If not,Ask your aunt to get you some“
“No need for the old village chief,I came here to talk to you,You still have to come forward“Chen Gui said,Take another look at Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai was talking about food,It seems that what Chen Gui said has nothing to do with him。
“You speak!What’s the matter?I can help you,No other words,Anyway,You have followed me a lot of roads“Wang Degui took this situation,Busy telling Chen Gui,You used to be my follower。He said this for this purpose。