Xiang Chen looked around and asked,The gaze floats towards Wang Jue’s thigh,I can’t help the smile on my face。

“I’ll make you hurt more than me in a while!”
Wang Jue points to Xiang Chen,Seems to want to crush him!
Xiang Chen smiled and said nothing,Yao Yao has already charged Wang Meng and his group。
“Call me!”
Seeing Yao Yao, a girly man who dared to charge himself,Wang Meng was taken aback first,Then he said harshly。
Wang Meng’s voice fell,The brothers behind him haven’t activated yet,The wheelchair under Xiang Chen’s buttocks has appeared in front of Wang Meng。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Eight Hoisting2
Wang Meng also wanted to say some brave words in front of his little brothers,But Yao Yao’s movement is already fast,Faster is the wheelchair thrown by Xiang Chen,When Wang Mengcai raised his hand,,Has already hit him。
“Your accuracy,The injury is not healed yet!”
The wheelchair that Xiang Chen threw out like a sandbag before,Finally overwhelmed,Under Xiang Chen’s second brutal operation,Fragmented。
Watching the splattered wheelchair wreck,And Wang Meng who is intact,Yao Yaocai turned around and mocked Xiang Chen,I don’t know who kicked him in the ribs。
Xiang Chen just smiled and didn’t speak,With Yao Yao’s lesson,How could he be distracted in battle?!