China @ 四 川 | deliberately manufacturing breach of contract, car "row loan" pit

  "I really didn’t be deceived!" In the face of persuasion, the victim’s response, let the police laughed and laughed. Why does this conversation happen? The "set of ways to loan" in the Chengbei Branch of Mianyang Public Security Bureau, Sichuan Province, showing that some "set of road loans" in recent years is increasingly concealed, and the new means is endless, so that some victims are deceived after being deceived.

  In 2018, a harsh alarm bell rang at the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Chengbei Branch Yuantong police station: some people suffered a car in the star-angle community, and gathered in the scene.

The police quickly attacked, and the first time stopped the two sides, the car behavior, and the block was allowed to get more than 10 people involved.

  "This thought is just a general fight fight, but when we verify the information of the parties, we found that there was another embarrassment …" Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, said Chang Luo Shihang.

  The police recorded that since 2015, many people involved in the family have three to 5 causes of violent fighting caused by car mortgage disputes.

This abnormality caused the case of the case.

  Taking the case as an opportunity, handling staff combed all the police loves involved in the gang, and gradually dug a "set of row" crime gangs headed by Yinmou, through ten people. "Don’t pay attention to the money!" On February 3, 2018, Yinmou urgently needed money, made a mortgage with a self-use car, signed a loan contract, vehicle transfer agreement and other contracts, and the two sides agreed The month is the first phase.

In the early morning of February 18, Yin Moumou was almost overdue, and Yin’s car was used to take away the backup key, and took the fare to Yinmao, Yin Mou paid 4,000 yuan, Yin Moumou and others still refused Do not return.

  Such a case is not a few. "Black paper is written clearly.

"In the face of the question, the suspect Yinmou is so sophisticated. Luo Shuhang introduced that the suspect Yinmou has grown a set of ways to escape the legal sanctions, not only let the victim think it is not cheated, even The police have also been blinded by the "legal" borrowing contract provided by the suspect, so that the suspects evade the strike with civil economic disputes.

  After investigation, since 2014, Yinmou has a collected week, Huang and others, and has been in Mianyang City, and several car loan companies have set up a few car loan companies. The car "is a bait, attracting the borrower to handle the car mortgage.

  Yinmou has also established a WeChat group, member covers most of Mianyang City, the boss of the company’s "set of ways", which has become their online "criminal dens".

"We eat his car, ride him", in Yinmou’s WeChat chat record, the police discovered such a sentence.

  According to the statistics of the task force, from the customers of Yinmou’s loan, the defaulting persons reached more than 90%. It is a result of deliberately manufacturing. The police told reporters that the gang not only did not remind the borrower on time repayment, but also took "active disappearance" in the day of return.

Once the "breach of contract", the gang immediately used "soft violence" to drive the borrower’s mortgage.

Next, since the borrower is as high as a high default, the trailer fee is also "successful".

The entire process is also accompanied by violence, threats. During the process of squatting, the policeman also found that criminals were hiding the illegal nature and changing the company name.

It is attached to other accomplices around Yin, and also registers a group of surrounding relevant companies, and gradually develop into Yinmou as the core, and both relatively independent operations and rural loans "gangs associated with each other.

With the bumbler of the gathering, the police have implemented the net arrest of the "Yin Moumou and other". After the special issue of the task force, the facts of all criminal gangs on the implementation of criminal gangs on the implementation of fraud, extortion, find troubles, illegal use of citizen information, etc., the case has been made by Mianyang City. Intermediate People’s Court final judgment. The case is a typical case of evil crimes in Sichuan investigations and pronunciation since the special struggle of dislocking.

In recent years, with the rapid expansion of private lending forms such as "credit loans" and "campus", the "routine loan" criminal activities of borrowing borrowing is increasingly profitable, "routine loan" is more, fraudulent means It has confused and serious harms the people’s vital interests.

  In the past few years, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Public Security and the Guidance Opinions on Several Issues Concerning the Case of Crime of Crime of Wills and Wills and the Criminal Cases of "Regulations" For "rings", special "shackles" is customized.

  "The more hidden, the more you have to clear."

We put the interests of the people in the first place, attach great importance to it, vigorously promote, strict supervision, and the special struggle for dislocking and evil.

Li Shi Cheng, executive deputy secretary of the Sichuan Committee of the Political and Legal Committee. It is reported that as of the end of October this year, Sichuan knew 124, 1269, and the group and gangs, compiled according to law, freezing the assets involved in the assets, and strong consolidated The grassroots regime has improved the quality of handling, optimizes the business environment, and creates a good social security environment.