What Emperor Yi Sen did not say is,Although some Daojun entrusted part of their legacy to Dao League Immortal Palace,But they even hope that a world practitioner will take over,Become their disciple。

The rules they set are also biased towards this。
Because the world is the most flexible stage of practice。
Once you step into Daojun,It means the road is set,Can’t change。
As for the peak Daojun?It is almost impossible to benefit from Wanquan Temple—Unless this road of the peak Taoist,It just so happens to be very similar to a certain emperor who left endless territory,Can inherit its mantle。
This happened only once in the history of Daomeng Palace。
After all‘Full level’Disciple,What’s the point?、
Taoists hope that their own Tao can be reproduced in their children,Make a name in endless territory。Instead of giving treasures to some Taoists of the same level。
“And this is a temple,May be the most important to you,Hedao Hall。”Emperor Yi Sen
Just seeing the appearance of this hall,Eternal way,Li Ming feels a strong sense of epiphany in his heart。
“this is?”There was a trace of horror in Li Ming’s heart。
“Haha,This is my Dao League Immortal Palace specially built for the Dao Monarchs on the edge of Hedao“Land of harmony”,There are many treasures used for harmony,Can make the practitioner’s state reach an excellent,Assist in increasing the success rate of Hedao!”
Emperor Yi Sen stroked his beard,Quite proud:“The land of endless borders,I have a place in the Dao League,There is a place for ancient practitioners,Are all places of absolute heritage。As for the other four forces,Although he will also build treasures like Hedao Altar,Can be compared with our Hedao Temple,Little help。”
“I just want to enter this Hedao Temple to practice breakthrough,Have to pay a lot of wealth,It is enough for the peak Daojun to accumulate for many years,However, it is difficult for most of the edge of Hedao to make up this Chaos Spirit Liquid。”
Li Ming stopped for a while outside the Hedao Hall,Only see with your own eyes,Only then did I know how huge the Dao League Immortal Palace is。
“And the last one,Palace of Heart Lamp。”Emperor Yi Sen stopped,“Then use your true spirit to light the heart lamp,You will officially become a member of the Immortal Palace of the Dao League。”
Fifteen Temples of the Dao League,Sounds ordinary,But it represents the foundation of the first power of the endless territory。
Li Ming stepped into the heart lamp palace,True spirit lights up the heart lamp,Ming Lie Jane,He is a true practitioner of the Taoist fairy palace。