Li Hui Feng does not know what the online is,He took the forest from the cloud from the cloud.。

There are still some people who don’t have faces behind.,This makes him also some helplessness.,At the same time, it is also decided that it is best not to contact the Internet.,A person fire,Later, it will follow so many people.。
Jin Mingwu and Su Liang saw Li Hui Feng and Lin from Yunjin Office.,His hesitated, I followed it.,Then lock the door directly。
Because I just actually took a mobile phone to shoot at the door.。
This involves privacy things,They are also very angry,However, Li Hui has no words.,What they both don’t say now?。
“Xiao Li,You are now a restaurant already opened.?”
“Hey-hey,not me,I am just entering the stock.,However, I am a very kind forest, professor, you said before.,Are you really??
Checking the body’s test is all walking?”
“Forehead,These,Should be a small part。”
Lin Zong Yun also does not want to say too many topics,But Li Hui’s heart is already a little understanding.。
I immediately hateful, I didn’t ask more.。
Although Lin from Yun has a discussion of Chinese medicine,Want to carry the Chinese medicine,But again,Li Hui Feng is clearly feeling that the topic of the two is more than the last one.。
At noon, Li Hui invited Lin from the cloud to eat a lunch.,Then let people go from the clouds.。
after eating,Li Hui Rong and Su Liang have Jin Mingwu look at the already full hotel.,Three people are showing a happy smile。
Attidence Hotel is now alive.。
Su Qing also did not think that the current network society is actually so developed.,At the same time, I didn’t think that Li Hui is really able to turn over with the Internet.。
Especially in the north of the day,The people of the five lakes flocked to the appearance,He is a bit surprised。
In his eyes, those people took a mobile phone to take Li Hui,It is full of fullness.,But when you hear those people, I can make money.,His expression is also quite wonderful。
He decided that this time should also study hard.。
Otherwise it may be really eliminated.,He has always been dry real estate,Real industry,I have never feel that the things that the network will hit his real industry.。
However, Li Hui’s operation is that he knows that he has thought that he has been too big.。
I never thought that a power of visible networks would actually be so powerful.。
Powerful to let him feel the horrible point。
I used to admire the king of the king.,After all, it is the real estate.,Ecological circle,And that some operation he also felt very powerful。
The next horse appeared,He feels that morning and evening is going to collapse.,But now he understands,Indifferent,It may also affect the country and even the world.。
Jin Mingwu and the idea of Suwa is almost,But this time is that he has a feeling of 醍醐 醍醐 顶。
The two people don’t know how to change their decisions will be different.。
“Su big brother,Golden brother,This time we basically spend the difficulties.,I think it should go back.,The things here can be handed over to two big brothers.。”
Xiao Li,There is still important thing over Lianhua Village.?”
Li Hui Feng put forward the moment to leave.,Su Chang and Jin Mingwu are all feeling,Even my heart suddenly didn’t come up.。