But he finds Li Cuihua today is not to do some children who don’t have children.。

It’s really to come over and want to care about each other.,By the way, see what the other party can solve it.,He helps solve it.,After all, he also returned to the village.。
If you go back,He didn’t know when he would come back.。
“Cough Cuihua Sister,You haven’t dinked yet.,Do you want to go out to eat a meal first?,Let’s discuss anything else every meal.。”
Looking at Li Hui, there is some shy look,Li Cuihua also laughed directly。
“breeze,You still have the same as before.,Not changed at all,Still so easy to shy,But this sister is going to listen to you.,Let’s go to eat first.,After all, if you are full, you have the strength to play.!”
“Cough,Cuihua sister,I am looking for you, I really don’t come over.。”
I heard that Li Cuihua three sentences are not in that.,Li Hui is also a speechless,When you have a quick pain, you will explain it.。
“My sister knows,But my sister is in your body.?”
Li Cuihua’s thoroughly defeated Li Hui with the wind.。
“Ok,Let’s go to eat first.,I invite guests。”
“Row,Go to the side of the road to eat.,I haven’t went to the roadside booth.。”
Say,Li Cuihua also took Li Hui Feng to a mixed street of the emperor.。
Li Cuihua took the arm of Li with the wind,I laughed and gave Li apart from the wind.。
“Here are some actors,Peripheral,There are still many temporary workers,My sister has also been here to join the luck.,Because many director finds the temporary actor is also coming here.,But here is also mixed,Both have their own gangs。”
“Forehead,This emperor has dare to call the gang.?
Not afraid of being caught by the police??”
Li Hui listened to Li Cuihua’s explanation is also a little unexpected.。
Although he also met the darkness,But he believes that this big country is full everywhere.。
In particular, the emperor belongs to the place under the feet of the sky.,That should be a place where the light。
I didn’t think that there will be these things.。
“What do you want??
These gangs are not unable to be in the pastus of those in the past.,These gangs are more difficult to deal with,People can understand the law,Since you have to pack you,There will definitely have enough reasons,It is the police to come to them and have enough reason to elute the crime.。”
Li Cuihua said,It also came directly to a barbecue stall.。
Barbecue stall owner sees Li Cuihua is also a glimpse,When I saw Li Cuihua, I was dressed.,It is even more surprised.。
“Li Yingying?
sure,It’s developed so fast.?
I thought that your hometown.,I didn’t expect actually to pick up the big production.,This is a manufacturer or an investor.?”
Li Cuihua heard this,It’s also laughing.。
“This is my younger brother.,Hurry and give me the past, I love to eat.,Also give me your brother to point your body。”
I listen to my body.,BBQ,It is also flashing in the eyes of the eye.。
“Yingying,You will not be old cow to eat a teenage.?
However, you are famous now, this skin is tender and tender.,But be careful,The boss here, I will notify you.,Don’t make people meet,Otherwise you are not good.。”
“Gill you grilled,Where is it so much nonsense?,And didn’t you see that I came with people??
Someone protects me, who is afraid who?”
Say,Li Cuihua is also relatives, holding Li Rong’s arms,Especially the turbulents directly transform shapes in Li Hui’s arms.,The boss of the barbecue stall is always in the water.。
“Good,Here,But the little brother is bone, but be careful.。”
soon,Li Cuihua’s tofu,There are some other vegetables that have some other vegetables.。
As for Li Hui, it is a lamb.,Plaster,Beef。
Li Hui Feng tasted it.,Feeling the other party craftsmanship,However, what he has experienced in a little curious Li Cuihua this year.。