“Closed,Biao Qi shrunk,Should be watching。”

“Then don’t let him wait and see,Help him make up his mind。”An understatement from Brother Qiang,But full of chill。
“But Biao Qi still has work to do,Isn’t it right at this time?。”What about Tang Shiming’s failure to treat flying monkeys?,I’m still a collaborator,Still working,Now that Brother Qiang made up his mind,He felt it necessary to remind。
Brother Qiang leaned his head back,Did not speak,Like closing your eyes,It took a long time to speak slowly,“Prepare to let Mahjong take over,Biao Qi will be unreliable sooner or later。But before that, you must find Xie Fujun。”
This is indeed a key issue,Xie Fujun has many important resources and information in his hands,The issues involving Yinhai and startups are not what Qiang is most concerned about.。Xie Fujun’s mind is a treasure record,Not only masteredSZThe largest underground bank network in and surrounding areas,More importantly, we have the channel information of several strong overseas partners,Even Biao Qi transferred assets overseas through the hands of Xie Fujun。
The resources that this money laundering bastard has,Undoubtedly the best in the industry。Although Ahuo has a good network,,But not a qualified money broker,Loan shark at best。Especially in terms of cross-border torment, Ah Huo is even weaker,The channel is unstable,High risk,Two million,Tens of millions of small fights can’t satisfy Brother Qiang’s appetite。
By the way, Xie Fujun is really a headache,Slippery is better than loach,Several forces are looking for him,Even the police,I’m almost digging three feet,He still escaped。
Tang Shiming gets angry after thinking about it,After a secret match,Geng Laowu took advantage,Unexpectedly tied Xie Fushun,This is where he made the most mistakes。Just hesitated a little,Be one step ahead,Tang Shiming’s boring loss made Tang Shiming itch with hatred。
“brother,Within a week,I must find this guy。”Tang Shiming struggled for a long time,Finally gritted his teeth and made a military order in front of Brother Qiang。
Unexpectedly, Brother Qiang shook his head,”Three days,Up to three days。We won’t have our dishes anymore。I’m not against you making Geng Laowu,But do things in priority,Your method is correct,It’s a pity to chew too much。”
Tang Shiming knew that Brother Qiang meant something,It’s the left hand to provoke Biao Qi against Geng Laowu,Right hand as the main force,Find Xie Fujun。Actually I did this too,But failed to control his emotions,Can’t help but shoot Geng Laowu,Not only did the goal fail,It complicates the situation。
But three days,It’s an exaggeration。The police set up a world network,The kid found a gap and ran away,What’s more, you can’t search secretly with great fanfare,It’s harder than finding a needle in a haystack。And Xie Fujun is already like a frightened bird,Naturally very cautious,It’s even harder to find。Tang Shiming thought in his heart,Never dared to respond positively to Brother Qiang’s request。
Brother Qiang is silent,Seems to be waiting for Tang Shiming to express his attitude,A look of meditation with closed eyes,I don’t seem to be anxious。But the air in the car suddenly revealed a strong smell of oppression,Make Tang Shiming feel his throat dry,Breathing is also a little bit difficult,“Strong brother……Time is too tight。”
“Is very tight。”Brother Qiang nodded in agreement,Then stopped talking。
Tang Shiming’s forehead oozes sweat again,I have been with Brother Qiang for so many years,He also knows that this eldest brother always says one thing。Therefore,He has almost never bargained in front of Brother Qiang,But this time it was too difficult,It’s a last resort,Listen to Brother Qiang’s final answer,Obviously the deadline cannot be changed,Tang Shiming complained repeatedly。
Just so silent,The Mercedes Benz has left the airport highway,Go straight to the eastern suburbs along Victoria Harbour Avenue。Suddenly Tang Shiming’s phone rang,He frowned and picked up the phone,“brother,Pay attention to an off-road vehicle behind,Green Toyota Land Cruiser。”The call was from a commercial car behind。
Tang Shiming is busy observing the inverted mirror,really,Visually inspect the left rear more than 500 meters away,A green off-road vehicle is approaching at high speed,He subconsciously glanced at the dashboard,Own normal speed110Around yards,And the opponent’s posture is probably at least one hundred seventy eighty yards。This has to be before,Not a fuss,There are so many lunatics on the road,But today is a bit unusual。
A dazed effort,The other party has passed a commercial car following him,And the other one turned slightly to the left to try to interfere and block the off-road vehicle。But the timing is a little late,This off-road vehicle is indeed crazy,Actually squeezed from the narrow passage between the isolation zone and the commercial vehicle,And the speed is still very fast。