Pressing acupuncture points, the cervical vertebra does not hurt!

Send 1 time, save countless people!

Pressing acupuncture points, the cervical vertebra does not hurt!
Send 1 time, save countless people!

Chinese medicine: The hand is the epitome of the human body.

It is not costly to treat the disease in the reflex zone, no complications, and the effect is good.

It is said that health is a complicated matter. In fact, you can get it with one hand!

The following 9 hand movements are designed for 9 kinds of annoying common diseases. When you finish, you will feel smooth.

Starting today, operate as required, numb hands and feet, heart and lung disease, eye disease. far from you!

Note: 1 According to the following dynamic picture action demonstration, you must do enough to achieve the effect.

2 Before going to bed, do a whole after getting up.

It is usually possible to occasionally choose which of the actions to enhance.


Hukou hit 36 times: facial vision blurred vision, rhinitis, toothache; prevent colds.


Palm side hit 36 times: prevent bone degeneration, neck pain; prevent bone spurs; bone degeneration.


Wrist rubbing 36 times: Cardiopulmonary disease: heart disease; chest pain; chest tightness.


Ten fingers crossed each other for 36 times: the problem of peripheral circulation such as hand and foot numbness, foot and hemp.


Hukou cross-impact 36 times: implant disease disease dysfunction, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.


Fist palms each 36 times: fatigue refreshing to eliminate fatigue.


Interlocking 36 times on the back of the hand: Diagnosing visceral problems, adjusting visceral function.


搓 36 ears: promote blood circulation in the head and face of the blood circulation, help prevent blood clots.


Palms and eyes: visual fatigue ▲ The picture shows Fu Jihua Chinese medicine practitioners to prevent myopia, mobile phones, computers, office workers, visual fatigue.

Six six thirty-six, the number of times to do enough, this set of exercises is not much, but very targeted.

I suggest that you tell your loved ones and friends, practice together every day, green health therapy, do not spend a penny, easily cause pain and worry!