Clean and moisturize in only 3 and a half minutes


Clean and moisturize in only 3 and a half minutes

Don’t snooze until you get up before going to work. The effect of facial cleansing and moisturizing on skin’s anti-aging in the morning should not be underestimated.

You can’t simplify the process of cleansing and moisturizing because of time, but if you are looking for a fast and effective method of cleansing and moisturizing, it is another matter.

  Choose a facial cleanser or facial mousse containing moisturizing ingredients to clean your skin quickly in 2 minutes to retain moisture more effectively. There is no tension or discomfort after facial cleansing. This effect can delay natural aging.

After the skin is cleaned, the surface moisture is easily taken away.

It is recommended to use the introduction liquid before the lotion to promote the penetration of subsequent skin care products. Of course, the facial cleansing process will not forget the massage effect.

  30-second facial massage: Gently massage left and right cheeks, chin and forehead with a circular motion from bottom to top, and draw 5?
10 round massages.

  T-zone treatment for 30 seconds: Specially strengthen the strong areas of oil secretion, such as T-shaped parts and nose, and then rinse the foam with plenty of water.

  After 1 minute of efficient moisturizing, the moisturizing is done after the first step of cleaning. The use of skin rejuvenating serum can help moisture penetration and absorption. Using products with higher concentration and improved hydration effect can make the anti-aging effect more significant.

  step1: After the skin cleansing work is completed, use a cotton pad to dip in the essence. The amount of one dollar coin can be answered. Depending on personal circumstances, the introduction liquid should be soaked into the back of the cotton pad.

  step2: Spiral massage is used to strengthen the skin with dark skin and large pores. In addition to accelerating skin metabolism, there are also follow-up maintenance ingredients to absorb.

  Massage tips: Of course, the most important thing is to massage the entire face with gentle techniques.

Pat, apply, and press for three steps to allow the essence to be fully absorbed throughout the face.

Pay special attention to the extremely gentle massage around the eyes.

The cheeks should be pulled up and massaged along the skin lines, and the aligned pull ups should not be approached to prevent wrinkles from growing.

Long-term effect on the entire face, there will be quite amazing anti-aging effect.

  30 seconds of deep moisturizing and locking in moisture is the last and most important step, that is, locking in water.

Doing double moisturizing is foolproof.

Deep nourishing cream is a must-have for hydrating.

  It is definitely not wise to replace the strength pie moisturizing cream with a cream with poor moisturizing effect.

Dip in the cream, spread the face gently with the middle fingertips along the edges of the two toes, and spread the whole face in a circle.

Moderate intensity, pull up, massage, rub the nourishing ingredients into the skin.

After completing this step, the whole process will be done. If you are still worried about anti-aging, don’t prevent you from starting an experiment for yourself tomorrow.