Liu Fengxing and the three are walking fast,Have been running tens of kilometers away,Dare to stop and rest。
“Ancestor,Who is that old man?,The strength is so powerful!”Liu Ling was puzzled。
Liu Fengxing sighed and said:“This old man Gu is a contemporary figure with his ancestors!”
The ancestors in the Liu family are like mythological characters,How is this not shocking Liu Ling。
“The first time I saw this old man was 600 years ago,I didn’t know his identity at that time,Speak rudely to him,result……”
Liu Fengxing swallowed up suddenly,Obviously recalled memories that could not bear to look back。
This memory is also unbearable,He was thrown into the cesspit by Gu Rimou and smoked for three days and three nights,Later, the ancestors came forward,Gu Rimou let him go。
This experience has haunted him for hundreds of years,Become his demon,I have given back to Gu Rimou ten times in my imagination countless times。
I just can’t think of meeting again,He is still that timid boy。
Faced with Gu Rimou, I was still terrified,Fear like a mouse and see a cat。
“In short,You see this old guy from afar and avoid him,If I can’t avoid it,Beg for mercy immediately,Future generations。This old guy wants face most,He is the same generation as our ancestors,Generally not offended him particularly,I won’t go back to the younger generation!”