Yang Tie goes to the hospital,Feel enough, Li’s wind is so fast.。

During this time, he began to hit a small nineteenth.,Fortunately, he did not act rashly.,Otherwise, he feels that Li Foot, this sudden appearance will definitely let him all the plan to fly to the smoke.。
Li Hui Feng held a conference very simple,That is on the basis of the feast.,Will have benefits issuance,Also let Yang Li lead the engineering team。
As for the Yang Tie, it is responsible for technical aspects.。
For Yang Li’s arrangement,Some people below are facing each other.,After all, Yang Li week is working together.,Suddenly someone is their leadership,Everyone feels weird。
And for this situation,Li Hui also knows,So this is the first step is to see Yang Li can’t be competent.,if it is possible,He is preparing to start implementing a second step。
Everything is arranged,Li Hui felt Yang Tie to the other studio。
Yang Tie’s current studio is also much larger than before.。
Let Li speak the wind, I didn’t expect it.,Yang Tie here still has architectural models,Decoration drawings。
He always thought,The other party is engaged in greenhouse technology,I didn’t expect the project to be very powerful.。
“Xiao Li brothers,The brother is now in a matter now.。”
“Hey-hey,Lee brother,What difficulties do you have?,I can solve the affirmation。”
Yang Tie is now holding Li Hui, but also respect again.,Some words, he doesn’t know what to say.。
“Xiao Li.,The first bucket of the greenhouse is also earned.,Many people now have not worked,Start eating money salary,This will not be fine.,We will be empty,I think I am disappearing a few teams.,how do you feel?”
Li Hui Feng did not expect to encounter some problems,Yang Tie retreats。
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Chapter 532
Li Hui Feng did not leave the wire,Directly refused on the spot。
Yang Tie also refused by Li Hui Feng,Not much in the event,Otherwise, he will feel very embarrassing。
“Hey-hey,Then, how do you solve this problem??”
For what you can’t solve,Yang Tie is also directly thrown to Li Hui。
“Very simple,The greenhouse of lotus village is really saturated,But the surrounding village?
We can continue to develop around the village.,Even if the surrounding village is not,We are not only covered with greenhouses.,We will also engage in buildings.,There are a lot of mud horses in this.,Many special types of works,These people are picking out,Can form a new engineering team,Then you are responsible for people to talk about business,Drawings you will also draw,Design you,Is it just a change??
Or you feel that your design is not advanced,Or you feel your own design than this small county,The decoration design of small cities must be behind?”
One pass by Li Hui Feng,Yang Tie feels red ear,These did not think。
He has always thought about it is a dry shed.,It is a business that specializes in greenhouses.,I haven’t thought about it.。
However, he is learned solely by Li Hui,His heart is still a bit no pain。
“Hey-hey,Row,That’s that,Xiao Li brothers,You are too powerful,I have never thought of this.。”
This is the words of Yang Tie,Li Hui’s roots have not believed it.。
He feels that Yang Tie is a dry technology.,Let Yang Tie dry management is really。
“Yang Da Ge, you are too modest.,Your technology is absolutely one number in my heart.,However, in order not to disturb the high technology of Yang Big Brother,I feel that Yang Da Ge personally picks a person.,Then let this person lead a part of the engineering team to the county to expand business,I believe in Yang Big Brother,Absolutely open a sun avenue in the county town。”
For Li Hui’s words,Yang Tie can hear clearly,That is, I don’t want him to continue in the position of management.,Fortunately, he can pick a person who may control.。
This is that he has not given a lot of arrogance.。