Li Ge Xiao, who was sweating, finally removed the bomb in front of him,Just now his heart was almost in his throat……

finally,Announcement from the system:“Team Flower and Grass successfully guarded the desert fortress,Won the glory and victory of this game!”
“I really succeeded?we won?”Guo Yinzhe can’t believe it。
“Bull coin,Real bull coin!”Zhang Song stood up and patted Guo Yinzhe’s shoulder again。
“Hahahaha!”Feng Xichuan in the audience swept away the previous haze,Laugh out loud。
“Haha!we won!Team Huacao won!”Cao Anna said excitedly,She even wanted to jump up,But my leg hurts suddenly。
Except for Cao Anna,The others also stood up,Celebrate each other,This is the first time the Huacao team has participated in the competition since its establishment a week ago,Won!Shunzi was a little excited and couldn’t speak。
“The members of the Flower and Grass team representing the University of Science and Technology,In the case of not being optimistic,Finally proved himself!Prove that there are no underdogs under competition!”Chen Nian commented,Although she supports her own media university,But I also admire the team’s daring spirit。
“waste!waste!waste!waste!A pile of waste!If not for you,How could you lose to this third-rate team?”
Long Xiyue was furious on the match stand,Not only did he curse and force several members of the Oscar team,Even the members of the Flower and Grass team who came to shake hands with the Oscar team according to the requirements of the on-site personnel were stunned on the spot,I don’t know if I should extend my right hand……
“Teacher Sakata,Are you going to fulfill your promise,Eat the microphone?”Haruno Sakura asked。
“Hahahahaha!Hahahahaha!”Feng Xichuan’s laughter in the audience seemed to be heard by everyone!Since it is the home of Communication University,The audience at the scene of the losing game was as quiet as if they had entered a library,It also brings out Feng Xichuan’s voice。
“Wait a minute!The two referees in the referee stand sent a reply from the E-Sports Center Organizing Committee——the following,I announce the result of the arbitration:Cancel the qualification of the team,‘Oscars’Direct win!”Sakata-kun proudly said。
Including all members of the flower team、Haruno Sakura、Missing sauce and all the audience were shocked!Unexpectedly after the game,The result will be reversed!Communication University audience who originally chose to leave,Returned to the venue to celebrate accurately!
“The organizing committee thinks,The Huacao team did not register their substitutes in advance to participate in the game,There was also bad behavior in which two people used the same account to compete,Therefore, the arbitration directly……”Missing sauce took the card from Sakata-kun and read it。
“Hey……As expected。”Lu Yi sighed lightly,It seems that this is what he expected。
“why?It’s not fair!”Cao Anna moistened her eyes instantly,I just want to push the wheelchair to the referee。